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Workai Spaces

Supporting hybrid work, meetings and bookings

Enhance hybrid work dynamics, facilitate company meeting organization, and resource bookings.

Allow employees to specify their work mode (office or home), preview team activities, reserve resources, schedule meetings, manage guest visits, and integrate with access control systems.

Desk booking Conference room reservations Hybrid work schedule Bookings management Hybrid work management

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Streamline hybrid work model operations and team coordintion

Empower employees to self-manage their work preferences while facilitating seamless team oversight for managers.

Tailored work schedule

Allow employees to establish their hybrid work schedules daily, synchronizing with colleagues.

Enable effective management of both: remote and on-site employees. Ensure swift time logging / check-in process.

Desk booking Conference room reservations Hybrid work management Bookings management Work schedule

Enhance hybrid work dynamics

With Workai Spaces, all employees, whether remote or on-site, are on the same page.

Hybrid office space management

Easily make bookings using our intuitive system for desks, parking spots, conference rooms, and other office resources.

Customize the office space to fit your hybrid work model, ensuring all employees have a comfortable environment and workspace.

Conference room booking Office space management Desk booking Parking spot reservations

Ensure the workspace caters to the needs of your employees

With Workai Spaces, every employee can effortlessly reserve their preferred workspace for their in-office days.

Streamlined coordination of hybrid meetings

Effortlessly arrange meetings for both in-office and remote employees. Enable participants to vote for the most suitable meeting date.

Benefit from the automatic conference room reservation, optimizing space allocation based on in-office attendance counts to maximize space efficiency.

Hybrid meetings Conference room bookings Office space efficiency

Reduce ghost meetings

Increase meeting attendance by allowing employees to conveniently vote for the most suitable meeting time directly within the Workai Spaces app.

Convenient visitor management

Enhance communication regarding planned guests at your company.

Enable visitors to self-reserve parking spaces, streamline reception desk registration, and receive notifications upon guest arrival.

Office visitor management Guest experience Lobby management
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Access control system integration

Efficiently streamline employee access to the entire building, including elevators, rooms, and office spaces, seamlessly using their mobile phones, eliminating the need for additional identification cards.

Office access integration Access control Office space access

Make data-driven decisions

Take advantage of the analytics module and optimize office space utilization based on real-time data.

Real-time workplace analytics

Track office space utilization and monitor resource usage. Adapt your workspace based on real-time data insights.
Cultivate a productive and functional environment while minimizing costs and optimizing resource allocation.

Office space utilization Office space management Analytics

One simple tool for advanced hybrid work and office space management

Simplify managing the hybrid work model, booking office resources, organizing meetings, and handling guest visits. All this enhanced with integrated access control systems and detailed analytics.

Work Schedule Management

Manage your work style effectively by keeping your colleagues and supervisors informed about your work schedule.

Encourage to in-office attendance

Promote a vibrant in-office culture by indicating your presence on-site and fostering collaboration among colleagues.

Personalized spot allocation algorithm

Advanced algorithm automatically reserves preferred seat based on current availability and past selections.

Office resource (allocation) map

Effortlessly locate office spaces and resources. Determine their availability, checking whether they are currently in use and by whom.

Meeting time polling

Start a survey among meeting participants, allowing them to vote for the most convenient date.

Room size algorithm

The algorithm dynamically adjusting booked room size based on the number of office participants.

Visitor management

Offer visitors a premium guest experience through exclusive access to the guest service module, ensuring a unique and exceptional encounter.

Access control systems integration

Seamlessly access corporate spaces directly from the mobile app thanks to integration with HID Mobile Access.

Mobile and desktop access

Empower your employees to select their preferred access method to the application: either via desktop version or mobile app.

Simple yet convenient check-in

Allow employees the flexibility to choose their preferred check-in method – either through their desktop tool or by using the mobile app.

Support well-being

Events module integration facilitates fostering employee engagement and strengthening bonds through after-work activities, promoting well-being and team cohesion.

Managing all branches

Since the app is linked to the company, not specific buildings, managing meetings and office spaces across all branches is effortless. Ideal for frequent travelers between locations.

Workai for Office 365

Workai offers a complete integration with your existing Office 365 services, allowing you to make the most out of Azure AD, SharePoint, Teams, Skype for Business, Outlook, Exchange and more.

Start managing your workspace today

Sign up with Azure AD or Office 365 account, connect your organization and manage hybrid workstyle, bookings and meetings.

  • Get fully-featured and worry-free solution as a service
  • No extra deployment costs
  • Pay as you grow

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Workai Spaces

  • Hybrid work management, bookings and meetings
  • Configuration wizard
  • Office 365 integration
  • Azure AD authentication (SSO)
  • Azure hosting
  • Updates and new features added monthly
  • Custom branding


(+500 employees)

  • All features
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Optional dedicated Azure hosting
  • Optional custom features and integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Service-Level Agreement
  • Premium support

Workai is simple to use and easy to onboard:

  • Do I need Workai Spaces licenses for all employees?

    Each employee who has the access to Workai Spaces needs a valid license – people who manage the resources, but also anyone who uses it.

    You can always re-assign licences if someone leaves your company, or add new licenses in case your team grows.

  • Are there any additional setup or configuration costs?

    There are no extra costs. It’s simple – you get the access to a fully-featured enterprise social network as a service within your own, separated and secured instance.

  • Do I need Office 365 subscription to use Workai Spaces?

    Despite out-the-box integration with SharePoint, Workai Spaces has no underlying reliance on either SharePoint or Office 365. It offers the full social platform experience without the unnecessary additional cost of Office 365 licences, meaning you can communicate and engage with every employee. However, with Office 365 integration you will be able to benefit from more features.

    You can also use O365 licenses for only this part of your workforce which needs more document-focused and collaboration features (e.g. office workers), but then allow for secure access to your platform for the rest of the organization.

    The minimum requirement to use Workai Spaces is Azure AD account, which you can get for free here.

  • Do I need Azure subscription to use Workai Spaces?

    You don’t need your own Azure subscription to use Workai Spaces. This is one of the main benefits of SaaS solution – we take care of the infrastructure, backups, security and updates.

  • Will Workai Spaces affect my SharePoint?

    With Workai Spaces your SharePoint stays untouched – it won’t change your layout, masterpages, templates or sites.

    There are no JavaScript or CSS injections, nor custom site templates – Workai is hosted on Azure and, if you choose, is connected to your Office 365 and SharePoint. You can think about workai as your next Office 365 service – just like Teams, Yammer or OneDrive.

    This means that even if your SharePoint goes down, or there’s a Microsoft update which changes layouts or removes some features – your Workai Spaces will remain safe and working as before.

  • What happens when my free 30-day trial expires?

    To continue using Workai Spaces after the free 30-day trial period ends, you need to purchase licenses.

    Don’t worry – we will let you know when the time comes and we won’t delete your data for the next 30 days, so you can go back, buy licenses and start using it again.

  • Which languages are supported?

    Currently you can use Workai Spaces in Polish and English. We plan to add more languages soon!

Have more questions? Feel free to ask us anything!

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