How Żabka, Poland’s retail leader, transformed communication for 32,000 employees in 9,500 locations using Workai’s out-of-the-box employee experience platform.

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Żabka Polska, the largest convenience store chain in Central and Eastern Europe, has taken a significant step to revamp its internal communication strategy. With over 2.5 million daily visitors and 9,500+ stores, Żabka faced the challenge of managing a vast and dispersed workforce of 32,000+ employees across Poland. In response to this challenge, Żabka has partnered with Workai, a leading expert in delivering innovative intranet-building solutions, to address the intricacies of their internal communication and streamline their processes.

Awarded for the outstanding design and excellent user experience

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Challenge: Building an Intranet

The former internal communication and knowledge management system at Żabka faced significant challenges. The landscape was fragmented, relying on internal newsletters, multiple SharePoint sites, and custom portals, resulting in a disjointed experience. The lack of centralization made it challenging for employees to access information efficiently, hindering effective communication. Information scattered across platforms led to an inconsistent user experience, making it difficult for employees to stay engaged.

Żabka - Explore the Workai desktop interface, a key component in Intranet Building for efficient communication.

Managing dispersed information was inefficient and prone to errors. Additionally, limited collaboration opportunities hindered meaningful interactions among employees, impeding the development of a collaborative work culture. These challenges highlighted the urgent need for a comprehensive solution, emphasizing the importance of enhancing the overall employee experience and streamlining internal communication processes at Żabka.

Solution:  Workai – the intranet building platform

In the pursuit of transforming its Employee Experience, Żabka found a tailored solution in the Workai platform. The platform’s immediate fulfillment of requirements, coupled with the potential for additional features and integrations, made it the clear choice for intranet building. By opting for this off-the-shelf solution, Żabka efficiently designed and implemented new functionalities for the whole dispersed team. By choosing the Workai platform, Żabka offered employees diverse communication channels, including Intranet, Employee App, Social Network, Knowledge Center, Microsoft Teams integration, and more. The implementation not only addressed immediate needs but positioned Żabka for ongoing innovation in Employee Experience and continued success in intranet building.

Żabka - Workai mobile interface fosters Intranet Building, ensuring seamless communication on the go

Żabka Polska’s digital workplace is comprehensive, coherent and powerful. Its fully responsive intranet can be launched within MS Teams, making it accessible from any device or entry point. A native mobile app provides employees with relevant information and tasks, allowing them to stay productive on the go.

Nielsen Norman GroupNielsen Norman Group Report
Interested in the topic? Read the complete case study!

Results: enhancing operational efficiency through intranet building 

Workai’s integration at Żabka has led to a substantial enhancement in operational efficiency. The swift access to information has not only increased productivity but has also cultivated a more informed and engaged workforce. Leveraging a variety of communication channels and personalized content has expanded the scope of internal messages, nurturing collaboration and a stronger sense of belonging among employees. The incorporation of multimedia content has added a dynamic element to the employee experience, contributing to a reduction in support requests and fostering greater independence. Additionally, the platform’s personalized communication tools have optimized information dissemination and contributed to cost-effectiveness, positioning Workai as a central and unifying force within Żabka’s organizational framework.

Watch Wojtek Mrugalski’s presentation at the Icomms conference, where he explains how the Workai platform was successfully deployed at Żabka Polska. (Video in Polish)

Żabka prioritizes convenience and freeing up time not only for our customers but also inside the organization. We wanted to provide our employees, collaborators, and ultimately franchisees with the most modern and intuitive communication tool available on the market.

What mattered to us was its ease of use and compatibility with our existing systems. In addition to the flexibility of the tool and the ability to adapt it to our constantly changing needs, we were also interested in its aesthetic side, and therefore in possible graphical solutions, as well as the availability of solutions facilitating the work of administrators and content creators.

Wojtek MrugalskiWojtek MrugalskiInternal Communications Manager at Żabka Polska

Żabka advises companies starting their Employee Experience transformation to embrace ready-made solutions for faster intranet building implementation. They stress the importance of a gradual channel rollout to ensure a smooth transition and highlight the value of holistic employee journey tracking for deeper insights. Continuous user feedback collection is emphasized for iterative improvements and alignment with user expectations in the context of intranet building.

Interested in the topic? Read the complete case study!