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Better internal communication and employee experience with intranet for telecommunication organizations

Make sure your employees have instant access to company information wherever they are. Give them all the right tools to perform their jobs effectively with an intranet for telecommunication

Over 500,000 employees love and use Workai every day

Personalized intranet for telecommunication organizations

Personalize your internal communications activities and engage your employees wherever they are. Help employees share knowledge and establish good relations between employees. 

Intranet for telecommunication

Workai Intranet for telecommunication helps you reach employees with important information no matter where they are. Make communication more effective thanks to the personalized homepage and news.   

Internal communication in a telecommunication company has never been easier! 

Modern workplace with intranet for telecommunication 

Workai supports your telecommunication organization by giving your employees an all-in-one digital workplace

Knowledge base for a telecommunication company

Your employees need constant access to company knowledge. Ensure they have it at their fingertips with Workai Knowledge.   

Build rich knowledge bases with auto-versioning and a search engine based on AI. 

Internal Social Platform for telecommunication

Bring your employees closer and build engagement with internal social media. Allow employees to create communities, exchange ideas and comment on each other’s posts.  

With the option to give kudos you can recognize employees input and build employee engagement.  

Fully-featured intranet for telecommunication

Workai offers a huge variety of features that you can access from one place. A personalized digital workspace will assist every employee in achieving the organization’s goals. 

AI-based search engine 

Searching for information is fast and accurate with AI-based search engine. Your employees can easily find what they are looking for and give feedback on the search results.  

Customizable homepage 

Adjust the homepage content to your organizational needs. Use personalization and access permissions.


Plan and communicate internal trainings. Get signups, manage attendees – add all the details pertaining to the training. 


Give your employees the space to form communities, comment on each other’s posts and give kudos to fellow co-workers.  

Courses and tutorials 

Create rich tutorials for new procedures to make sure your employees have all the necessary knowledge to do their jobs well. 

Knowledge base 

Structure your company’s knowledge and give them an easy way to always find the right information 


Allow your employees to add comments and likes to content published on the intranet.  

Telecommunication organizations Workai

See how a intranet for telecommunication from Workai helps companies of all sizes communicate better, empower employees, measure the impact, and act faster in their diverse work environments

The old intranet solution was obsolete and allowed only for a one-way communication. It was really hard to engage employees in the communication process. With the new platform in place, they can openly comment on what is happening in the company. […] We teach the employees that they have to look for the necessary information themselves, and the new platform is giving them an easy access to such content.

Katarzyna Chorzela
Katarzyna Chorzela
Senior Internal Communication and Employer Branding Specialist, CANAL+

CANAL+, operating in the telecommunication and media sector, knows really well how important an engaging and personalized multichannel communication is to their users. Now, together with Workai, CANAL+ can deliver equally engaging and personalized campaigns in their internal communication to their employees.

Grzegorz Ciwoniuk
Grzegorz Ciwoniuk
Chief Product Officer, Workai

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