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Improve internal communications in your logistics organization with intranet for logistics 

Support your employees, allow them to access company information no matter where they are, and make sure they have all the information they need to help you grow your logistics organization 

Over 500,000 employees love and use Workai every day

Personalized intranet available everywhere all the time

Thanks to Workai you can easily personalize internal communications activities and engage your employees wherever they are. Workai helps you ensure knowledge sharing within the organization as well as establish good relations between employees. 

Intranet for logistics

With Workai Intranet for logistics, you can be sure that your employees get information no matter where they are. Thanks to personalization options you make sure that the right information is seen by the right employees.

Communication in a logistics company has never been easier! 

Improve the workplace with intranet for logistics 

Workai supports your logistics organization by providing your employees with a reliable digital workplace.

Logistics Social Network

Running a logistics company requires a lot of employees to work together as one. To make sure your fleet management is smooth, and employees cooperate, invest in an internal social network from Workai.  

Give your employees a place to exchange ideas, create groups, and help each other.

Mobile App for Logistics 

With your employees always on the move, it’s best they have access to the intranet and other company-wide assets that help them do their job effectively.  

Our mobile app is equipped in an address book giving your employees on the route to find and reach their coworkers easily.

Fully-featured intranet for logistics

Workai offers a huge variety of features that you can access from one place. A personalized digital workspace will assist every logistics professional in achieving the organization’s goals. 


Send personalized newsletters to all or selected groups only. Quickly inform the recipients about the news. 

Customizable homepage

Adjust the content to the needs of your organization. Use personalization and access permissions. 

Address book 

Allow your employees to easily find and contact coworkers no matter where they are.


Give your employees the space to form communities, for example based on routes or cities they work in. 

Internal publications 

Publish important documents and internal information. Give employees access and measure their engagement. 

Knowledge base

Structure your company’s knowledge into flexible knowledge hubs. Your employees will have all the necessary knowledge to perform their jobs well. 

Logistics organizations Workai

See how an intranet for logistics from Workai helps companies of communicate better, measure the impact, and act faster in their diverse work environments

Internal communication is important to ensure information and knowledge exchange in the organization. It also supports building transparent and cooperative culture, therefore the choice of tools we use is critical. If we want to engage employees and editors we need to provide a user-friendly tool. With the Workai platform publishing information, documents and everyday news is much easier.

Emila Badełek
Emila Badełek
People Experience Manager, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics

Recent years have brought us dynamic development and business growth. We owe it to the commitment and unique competencies of our employees. That is why we want our internal communication not only to support this extraordinary expansion, but also to facilitate the exchange of information and inspiration – in line with our values: self-improvement, partnership, and being always one step ahead.

Jacek Głowacz
Jacek Głowacz
Head of HR at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics

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