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Security policy


1.1     One of the objectives of the organization is to systematically improve the quality of services provided and the security of designed IT solutions. Ensuring the security of information concerning the data entrusted by customers and the know-how is, among other things, a prerequisite for a successful implementation of this strategy. This is done through the following:

1.1.1    identifying and analyzing information security risks, conducting reviews, and taking actions to reduce them;
1.1.2    creating awareness among employees and sensitizing them to information security issues;
1.1.3    ensuring the physical security of company assets and stored data;
1.1.4    security of Internet links and ICT systems;
1.1.5    appropriate information security regulations in contracts with all stakeholders;
1.1.6    assigning responsibility for ensuring information security;
1.1.7    a systemic approach to information security management.

1.2    The company’s Management Board declares its full commitment to creating conditions for the effective functioning of the ISMS and its improvement. The company’s Management Board undertakes to meet the applicable information security requirements. Thus, it commits all employees and associates of the organization to apply and comply with the principles of the ISMS.