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Workai Forms

Collecting meaningful data to improve workflows

Easily create forms and surveys to capture the information for any use-case. Turn insights into actions with advanced reports and connect users’ input with external systems.

Forms Surveys Data collection Data analysys External systems connection

More than 100 fast-growing enterprises and small businesses trust Workai

Simplify data collection and decision making

Effortlessly collect, manage, and analyze data with powerful forms and surveys.

Drag-and-drop editor to build complex forms with no IT skills

Workai Forms makes creating forms easy with its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor that supports various input types.

Create customized forms with conditional logic and tailor their appearance for specific purposes. Schedule, embed, or share forms with selected audience.

Start improving your workflows

Use Workai Forms to collect user input in a more engaging way.

Collect the data inside and outside your orgaization

Workai Forms streamlines data collection, whether it’s from within your organization or external sources.

Share Forms through email, embed them on intranet, or create a task with a form attached.

Send personalized forms

Get better conversion results with forms’ custom look & feel.

Analyze, export and integrate form results

Access in-depth statistics and data summaries, export to Excel, or integrate with external systems using Power Automate.

Receive notifications for newly filled forms and distribute responses to your team.

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One simple tool for entire organization

Manage personal data, conduct employee surveys and evaluations, handle documentation, organize contests, and conduct surveys all in one tool.

Forms Management

Effectively oversee all forms within a single centralized platform. Quickly create, publish, and track form results for a smooth and efficient process.

Drag-and-drop editor

Enhance forms and surveys with various content types: effortlessly include text, images, multimedia, and form blocks using the user-friendly editor.

Search and filters

Simplify your form and survey management with ease through intuitive filtering options. Easily locate specific documents by applying filters like author, date, and more.

Administration Panel

Tailor configurations, oversee permissions, and protect sensitive data, establishing a central hub for efficient administrative management and control.

Predefined templates

Accelerate form creation using pre-defined templates. Quickly generate forms or surveys with reusable layouts, settings, and elements.

Multiple distribution channels

Integrate forms into your intranet, promoting a seamless user experience. Generate direct links to forms for effortless and direct access, even for users outside your organization.

Personalized notifications

Send relevant updates and information related to a specific forms, surveys, or data submissions. Provide context and clarity, enhancing the overall user experience.

Version control

Effectively manage all form versions to review past changes or revert to a specific one. Maintain data consistency through automatic version data segregation.

Data storage

Instantly organize and consolidate data submitted through forms, ensuring it’s readily available for thorough analysis immediately.

Power automate integration

Automate tasks, streamline processes, and improve data management to accomplish more in less time. Reduce manual work and minimize the risk of errors.

Tests and quizes

Efficiently assess and test using a point-based answer system within the form. Measure performance, monitor progress, and draw valuable insights.

MS Teams integration

Maximize your data’s potential within the collaborative MS Teams platform, boosting productivity and enabling more efficient team collaboration.

Workai for Office 365

Workai offers a complete integration with your existing Office 365 services, allowing you to make the most out of Azure AD, SharePoint, Teams, Skype for Business, Outlook, Exchange and more.

Start managing your data today

Sign up with Azure AD or Office 365 account, connect your organization and build multi-purpose forms and surveys.

  • Get fully-featured and worry-free solution as a service
  • No extra deployment costs
  • Pay as you grow

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Workai Forms

  • Interactive Forms and Workflows
  • Configuration wizard
  • Office 365 integration
  • Azure AD authentication (SSO)
  • Azure hosting
  • Updates and new features added monthly
  • Custom branding


(+500 employees)

  • All features
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Optional dedicated Azure hosting
  • Optional custom features and integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Service-Level Agreement
  • Premium support

Workai is simple to use and easy to onboard:

  • Do I need Workai Forms licenses for all employees?

    Each employee who has the access to Workai Forms needs a valid license – people who create and publish content, but also anyone who just consumes it.

    You can always re-assign licences if someone leaves your company, or add new licenses in case your team grows.

  • Are there any additional setup or configuration costs?

    There are no extra costs. It’s simple – you get the access to a fully-featured enterprise social network as a service within your own, separated and secured instance.

  • Do I need Office 365 subscription to use Workai Forms?

    Despite out-the-box integration with SharePoint, Workai Forms has no underlying reliance on either SharePoint or Office 365. It offers the full social platform experience without the unnecessary additional cost of Office 365 licences, meaning you can communicate and engage with every employee. However, with Office 365 integration you will be able to benefit from more features.

    You can also use O365 licenses for only this part of your workforce which needs more document-focused and collaboration features (e.g. office workers), but then allow for secure access to your platform for the rest of the organization.

    The minimum requirement to use Workai Forms is Azure AD account, which you can get for free here.

  • Do I need Azure subscription to use Workai Forms?

    You don’t need your own Azure subscription to use Workai Forms. This is one of the main benefits of SaaS solution – we take care of the infrastructure, backups, security and updates.

  • Will Workai Forms affect my SharePoint?

    With Workai Forms your SharePoint stays untouched – it won’t change your layout, masterpages, templates or sites.

    There are no JavaScript or CSS injections, nor custom site templates – Workai is hosted on Azure and, if you choose, is connected to your Office 365 and SharePoint. You can think about workai as your next Office 365 service – just like Teams, Yammer or OneDrive.

    This means that even if your SharePoint goes down, or there’s a Microsoft update which changes layouts or removes some features – your Workai Forms will remain safe and working as before.

  • What happens when my free 30-day trial expires?

    To continue using Workai Forms after the free 30-day trial period ends, you need to purchase licenses.

    Don’t worry – we will let you know when the time comes and we won’t delete your data for the next 30 days, so you can go back, buy licenses and start using it again.

  • Which languages are supported?

    Currently you can use Workai Forms in Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovak, and Serbian. We plan to add more languages soon!

Have more questions? Feel free to ask us anything!

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