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Grow your financial business with intranet for finance

Support omnichannel sales process, improve customer service, and provide easy and secure access to product knowledge with financial intranet from Workai

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Create a personalized internal communication

With Workai you can easily build personalized newsletters and measure their effectiveness. Engage all your employees and improve their Employee Experience. 

Intranet for finance

With Workai you can easily create engaging intranet content. As you know, time is precious in the financial industry.

Workai saves your time, and your employees have instant access to the information that is most important to them. Send personalized newsletters and select audience groups. Communication has never been so easy!

Improve the workplace with financial intranet

Workai supports the operation of your financial organization by providing your employees with an effective digital workplace

Knowledge base

Nothing is more important in the life of a financial professional than having quick access to a knowledge base that is updated regularly.

With Workai’s knowledge base you get a simple to build database that is very intuitive to use. Equipped with a search engine powered by artificial intelligence, it shortens the time of searching for important information to a minimum. 

Enterprise social network

Allow employees to communicate freely, share knowledge and opinions. Build employee engagement through interaction.

Bring them together thanks to an internal social network. Workai helps your employees expand their network and connect with co-workers from other departments.

Internal comms and EX trends for financial institutions

Financial institutions are now facing many challenges. On top of that, employees’ needs have changed as well, resulting in employee experience becoming a priority.

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  • 🚀 What are the main benefits of Employee Experience (EX)?
  • 👨‍🎓 How to make knowledge management effective?
  • 💻 How does technology support knowledge sharing and EX in financial institutions?
  • 👩‍💻 How to build an intuitive information architecture?

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Fully-featured intranet for finance

Workai offers a huge variety of features that you can access from one place. A personalized digital workspace will assist every financial professional in achieving the organization’s goals. 

Internal publications

Publish all the reports and internal paper magazines on your intranet. Enable your employees to have quick access to all publications. Let them quickly share, search through, and measure their engagement.  

Department sites

Create pages dedicated to specific organizational units. Easily find people working in different departments using Address Book integration. 


Send personalized and engaging newsletters. Quickly inform selected groups of recipients about the news. 

AI-powered search

An advanced search engine aids the search process. It speeds up the process of searching and reaching a specific document. 

Knowledge areas

Use knowledge area pages to organize your assets. Choose people responsible for the area and let them build a dynamic environment around the topic. 

Customizable homepage

Adjust the content of the homepage to the needs of your organization. Personalize the content and use the permissions. 

Financial organizations Workai

See how a financial intranet from Workai helps companies of all sizes communicate better, empower employees, measure the impact, and act faster in their diverse work environments

Workai influences the atmosphere, comfort, but also the effectiveness of work – more efficient information flow means a better working atmosphere and a higher quality of service, so it means more satisfied employees and customers.

Magdalena Suchanek
Magdalena Suchanek
Managing Director, Eurobank

Workai came just at the right time – after testing and using it for a smaller project, we reorganized a part of our internal communication by using this tool. The product was perfect to put our outdated intranet in a fresh and new design.

Christian Seiser
Christian Seiser
Digital Media Manager, Deutsche Vermögensberatung

The internal community and development forum makes all teams feel integrated and well connected, even when working from home. Employees can build their communities, collaborate, share ideas, praise coworkers, and participate in HR-organized training.

Marta Chmielewska
Marta Chmielewska
Internal Communications Leader, Getin Noble Bank

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