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Workai Knowledge

Effective knowledge management

Build rich and flexible knowledge bases using drag-and-drop CMS editor while capturing people’s knowledge as they get work done. Get personalized search results with AI-powered algorithms and measure reach-out with real-time analytics.

Knowledge bases Documents Experts AI search

More than 100 fast-growing enterprises and small businesses trust Workai

Tap into your company’s collective knowledge

Break down the cultural and information silos to unlock untapped knowledge within your organization.

Build rich and elastic knowledge bases, with no IT skills

Workai helps you improve searchability and findability of your in-company intelligence through knowledge centers.

Easily build structured knowledge bases of any kind – products, procedures, policies and many more – using intuitive user experience that makes it easy to find, edit, and manage your collection of contextual knowledge and data.

Deliver flexible and mobile hub for knowledge

Workai gives you all the tools you need to build the enterprise-level know-how centers

Enhance your document-based knowledge

Workai lets you securely share, update and manage documents while making it easy to maintain their relevance and lifetime with auto-versioning, auto-archiving, and scheduling.

Allow for cross-team document sharing to support collaboration on several levels while providing one easy place to find it all. Quickly update important procedures, reports, product documents and more, with the power to discuss or ask questions.

Provide always relevant and up-to-date documents

Workai reduces the amount of time people spend searching for information

Capture the knowledge of your community’s experts

Workai helps you provide answers for every question asked with the help of FAQs curated by your internal experts.

Give your employees an easy and engaging way to learn more and ask questions in specific topics, while effortlessly making the answers a part of your collective corporate knowledge.

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The Intelligent knowledge platform

Workai provides a set of smart features to capture knowledge as people get their work done

Innovative CMS

Easily build rich and interactive knowledge content using drag-and-drop CMS and over 200 perfectly designed blocks allowing you to present important information engagingly.

AI-powered search

Speed up the discovery with intelligent autocomplete, search suggestions, synonyms, and built-in cognitive search. Search for the content of pages, documents, and images.


All pages are auto-versioned, so editors can always browse previous versions or rollback to the selected one. Add comments to version to be able to quickly check what’s changed.

Real-time analytics

Easily analyze reach-out and get insights about search, downloads, and interactions. Create heatmaps to improve the content, measure ROI and generate reports for the management.

Access rights

Control who can read or edit specific areas and pages. Effortlessly manage the access for users and groups – set specific permissions or inherit rights from the parent area.

Deep links

Easily insert links to existing knowledge in any page just by searching for a title. Keep links working even if you move the linked page to never lose your connected assets.


Use rich tags taxonomy and user-generated hashtags for a more structured and controlled way of classifying content, regardless of your metadata strategy.

Knowledge areas

Structure your assets in topics using knowledge area pages, designate responsible people and build a dynamic structure around the topic. Allow for quick access to areas with shortcuts feature.

Courses & tutorials

Easily create rich tutorials and courses for any procedure, to present a step-by-step guide and educate your employees about important topics in a fun and engaging way.


Plan and communicate internal trainings by creating rich training pages – add location, type, agenda, and any relevant information. Allow for signups and manage attendees, enable comments to get feedback.

Native mobile apps

Allow people for secure, cross-team, real-time knowledge sharing on the go, asking questions and getting answers. Send automated and custom PUSH notifications with content updates or changes.

Ask the BOT

Use the intelligent bot to quickly answer questions, provide notifications and actions based on the knowledge you collect every day, with no IT support or custom configuration needed.

Workai for Office 365

Workai offers a complete integration with your existing Office 365 services, allowing you to make the most out of Azure AD, SharePoint, Teams, Skype for Business, Outlook, Exchange and more.

Start saving your time today

Sign up with Azure AD or Office 365 account, connect your organization and build rich collection of contextual knowledge for your workforce.

  • Get fully-featured and worry-free solution as a service
  • No extra deployment costs
  • Pay as you grow

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Workai Knowledge

  • Effective Knowledge Management Platform
  • Configuration wizard
  • Office 365 integration
  • Azure AD authentication (SSO)
  • Azure hosting
  • Updates and new features added monthly
  • Custom branding


(+500 employees)

  • All features
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Optional dedicated Azure hosting
  • Optional custom features and integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Service-Level Agreement
  • Premium support

Workai is simple to use and easy to onboard:

  • Do I need Workai Knowledge licenses for all employees?

    Each employee who has the access to Workai Knowledge needs a valid license – people who create and publish content, but also anyone who just consumes it.

    You can always re-assign licences if someone leaves your company, or add new licenses in case your team grows.

  • Are there any additional setup or configuration costs?

    There are no extra costs. It’s simple – you get the access to a fully-featured enterprise social network as a service within your own, separated and secured instance.

  • Do I need Office 365 subscription to use Workai Knowledge?

    Despite out-the-box integration with SharePoint, Workai Knowledge has no underlying reliance on either SharePoint or Office 365. It offers the full knowledge management platform experience without the unnecessary additional cost of Office 365 licences, meaning you can communicate and engage with every employee. However, with Office 365 integration you will be able to benefit from more features.

    You can also use O365 licenses for only this part of your workforce which needs more document-focused and collaboration features (e.g. office workers), but then allow for secure access to your platform for the rest of the organization.

    The minimum requirement to use Workai Knowledge is Azure AD account, which you can get for free here.

  • Do I need Azure subscription to use Workai Knowledge?

    You don’t need your own Azure subscription to use Workai Knowledge. This is one of the main benefits of SaaS solution – we take care of the infrastructure, backups, security and updates.

  • Will Workai Knowledge affect my SharePoint?

    With Workai Knowledge your SharePoint stays untouched – it won’t change your layout, masterpages, templates or sites.

    There are no JavaScript or CSS injections, nor custom site templates – workai is hosted on Azure and, if you choose, is connected to your Office 365 and SharePoint. You can think about Workai as your next Office 365 service – just like Teams, Yammer or OneDrive.

    This means that even if your SharePoint goes down, or there’s a Microsoft update which changes layouts or removes some features – your Workai Knowledge will remain safe and working as before.

  • What happens when my free 30-day trial expires?

    To continue using Workai Knowledge after the free 30-day trial period ends, you need to purchase licenses.

    Don’t worry – we will let you know when the time comes and we won’t delete your data for the next 30 days, so you can go back, buy licenses and start using it again.

  • Which languages are supported?

    Currently you can use Workai Knowledge in Polish, English, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovak, and Serbian. We plan to add more languages soon!

Have more questions? Feel free to ask us anything!

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