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Maximize the benefits of Workai implementation with our partners

We believe that partnering with the right company or consultant can bring invaluable benefits when it comes to implementing an internal communications platform. Find the right partner for you and make internal communication easy and smart.

What can you gain from choosing one of our partners? 

Besides helping with the implementation of Workai, our partners also have a vast array of other services that they can support you with. Find the one that fits your organizational needs the best.  


Access our partners’ expertise on the best use cases and fast implementation processes.  

Advice based on experience

Thanks to years of experience our partners will be able to advise you on the best solution that will meet your needs.


Our partners will not only help you with Workai’s implementation, but they also offer other services that you can benefit from.


Kronsteg is an intranet agency, that is there for you in every phase and in all aspects of the project. Dedication and many years of expertise are Kronsteg’s ingredients for the project success of their customers.

Location:   #Germany


X-Code Ltd. is a professional provider of consulting and IT services. The company specializes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementations, but not only. The company also deals with business process automation and develops RPA’s proprietary solution, BuzzAutomation. The services offered by the company are comprehensive – they cover the full scope: consultation, business process analysis, delivery of necessary licenses and hardware, system design and implementation, as well as training and maintenance and development of the implemented solution.

Location:   #Poland

Infinity Group

Infinity Group has expertise in delivering digital solutions, including CMSs, DXP, eCommerce, dedicated apps, enterprise web platforms, marketing automation, data analysis, ux/ui design, quality assurance and more. They are helping their clients to fully implement digital projects, from A to Z.


RSI is an intranet provider. The company specializes in IT services, consulting, and outsourcing. It focuses on data, human resources, and communications management. RSI provides its clients with innovative IT solutions that support businesses in Poland.

Location:   #Poland


PinPoint advises enterprises on internal communication channels and processes. They help their clients with improving internal communication processes and effectiveness by providing internal communications audits and implementing internal communications strategies. They also support managerial communication by implementing cascading processes and conducting communication trainings for managers. PinPoint supports companies undergoing structural changes and looking for solutions that help engage employees via good communications.

Location:   #Poland


Kolibro has over 12 years of experience in delivering innovative and ready-to-implement solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint technology. Kolibro belongs to the Microsoft Partner Network.

Location:   #Poland


One of the top Polish cloud services providers, offering access to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and the OChK platform. Apart from cloud services, Chmura Krajowa also offers cloud management services, communications, and collaboration tools based on the cloud, as well as cloud security.

Location:   #Poland


The cooperation and partnership comes from the great joint value which Workai, Azure and Office 365 bring together to organizations all over the world. Thanks to this partnership, our joint customers can benefit from the newest and most innovative Microsoft technologies and services.

Location:   #USA #Europe #Asia

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