Better internal communication with intranet for administration 

Give your employees access to information, facilitate collaboration, and provide them with space to exchange opinions and ideas freely. Modernize your internal communications.

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Personalized intranet that your employees will love

In your Workai platform you can personalize internal communication and make sure your employees are always up to date. Send newsletters with important information to all employees or to selected groups only.  

Intranet for administration

With Workai Intranet for administration, you give your employees modern tools that are easy to use.

Thanks to personalization and different ways to distribute important information, you can be sure that your employees will never miss anything. Communication in a government administration has never been easier! 

Keep employees informed with intranet for administration 

Workai supports government administration by giving you a reliable and secure digital workplace

Knowledge base

Make sure your employees have access to the knowledge and important documents necessary to do their jobs effectively.   

Managing and sharing knowledge in a government administration has never been faster.  

Internal Social Network 

Make use of a well-known communication format and introduce internal social media to your government administration.  

Improve relationships between employees, allow for free exchange of ideas and boost cooperation.  

Fully-featured intranet for administration

Workai offers a personalized digital workspace that assists your employees in achieving the organization’s goals. 


Send personalized newsletters to all or selected groups only. Quickly build your newsletters with pre-made templates. 

Customizable homepage

 Adjust the homepage to your needs. Use personalization and access permissions for employees.

Address book 

Easily find and contact coworkers no matter where they are.  


Give your employees a possibility to form communities and exchange ideas.

Internal publications 

Publish important documents and internal information. Measure your employees’ engagement.

Knowledge base

Organize your government administration’s knowledge.

Government administrations Workai

See how a intranet for administration from Workai helps government departments communicate better and act faster in their work environments

For a long time, we have been looking for suitable solutions that would allow the efficient and intuitive exchange of information between the office and its employees. That is why we decided to introduce a new solution, which is the government intranet from Workai. We are convinced that this system is not only a tool but above all an investment that reflects the real needs of our employees.

Łukasz Jasiński
Łukasz Jasiński
Director of the Crisis Management Office, Ministry of Infrastructure

The implementation of a government intranet at the Ministry of Infrastructure is proof that the public sector needs effective solutions from the area of internal communication to streamline work and positively influence employee engagement. […] Our solutions are used by companies in Poland and around the world in industries such as energy, finance, and telecommunications, among others.

Łukasz Skłodowski
Łukasz Skłodowski
CEO, Workai

Better communication and digital workplace with intranet for administration

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