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Workai launches government intranet for Polish Ministry

The Ministry of Infrastructure is one of the key government administration units in Poland, which is responsible for the most important investments in the areas of transport, inland navigation, as well as maritime and water management. 

◾ The Ministry indicated the need to provide a tool that would guarantee easy and quick access to essential knowledge and documents and improve the flow of information within the organization. 

◾ The implementation of Workai’s government intranet enabled the personalization of internal communication, but also influenced the building of a knowledge management culture and the streamlining of key information exchange processes. 

Strategic Ministry 

The Ministry of Infrastructure is one of Poland’s most strategic government entities, with more than 800 employees. The institution’s mission is to implement state policy in the areas of maritime and water management, transport, and inland navigation. It is responsible for carrying out the country’s strategic infrastructure projects financed with public money. They are characterized by complexity, long implementation time, and high budgets, requiring professionalism and rapid exchange of knowledge between employees. 

Challenges of internal communications at the Ministry 

The intranet, launched in 2015, proved to be an inadequate and unresponsive tool to the current needs of employees. The technology used prevented employees from interacting with each other and complicated the process of transmitting information itself. The Ministry, therefore, decided to implement a new solution that would meet several set criteria and fit in with current trends, as well as respond to the individual needs of users. 

They were looking for an intuitive tool that would, above all, speed up the content creation process, enable publishing multimedia, engage employees in communication, facilitate access to knowledge, and conduct real-time analysis. The project team decided to implement the Workai platform. 

A properly designed and implemented intranet is the heart of a modern communication system. For a long time, we have been looking for suitable solutions that would allow the efficient and intuitive exchange of information between the office and its employees. That is why we decided to introduce a new solution, which is the government intranet from Workai. We are convinced that this system is not only a tool but above all an investment that reflects the real needs of our employees.

– said Łukasz Jasiński, director of the Crisis Management Office at the Ministry of Infrastructure. 

Government Intranet for the public sector 

The government intranet from Workai met all the criteria set by the project team, being a technologically advanced solution, yet easy to install and extremely simple to use.  

Workai’s government intranet makes it easy for Ministry executives to inform and engage ministry employees with personalized and multimedia content – news, newsletters, announcements, and more. 

What is especially important for government entities – Workai’s knowledge base allows users to quickly get to the knowledge and documentation they are looking for through an advanced search engine and content categorization. 

Efficient information flow in a governmental unit 

The solution also supports collaboration within project teams, allowing the creation of closed group sites, and improves the flow of information between departments, involving employees in communication, regardless of where they do their work. 

The implementation of a government intranet at the Ministry of Infrastructure is proof that the public sector needs effective solutions from the area of internal communication to streamline work and positively influence employee engagement. We are pleased that the Ministry of Infrastructure is supporting domestic innovation, as the Workai platform is being developed from the ground up in Poland. Our solutions are used by companies in Poland and around the world in industries such as energy, finance, and telecommunications, among others.

– emphasizes Łukasz Skłodowski, CEO of Workai. 

Workai’s implementation is the next stage of the Ministry of Infrastructure’s digital transformation process. The project won the “Golden e-Shield” award at the largest IT industry conference for the public sector – the XXVIII ICT Forum. 

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