Workai wins Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2023! 🏆

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Workai selected as 2023 World’s Best Intranet Implementation by Nielsen Norman Group

  • Workai’s intranet implementation for the leading convenience store chain in CEE, Żabka, has been recognized as one of the world’s best intranets in the highly regarded “Intranet Design Annual 2023” by Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g).

  • This prestigious award solidifies Workai’s position as a provider of exceptional intranet solutions and highlights Żabka’s pioneering use of innovative technology to revolutionize the employee experience.

  • Workai wins World’s Best Intranet from NN/g for the third time in five years.

  • World’s best intranet implementation

    Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g), a renowned global consulting company specializing in usability research and human-centered design, has recently released its highly anticipated Intranet Design Annual: 2023report. With over two decades of expertise in analyzing intranet platforms worldwide, NN/g identifies the top 10 intranet implementations that exemplify exceptional design and usability.

    Read the exclusive and comprehensive behind-the-scenes of Żabka Polska’s award-winning intranet implementation – DOWNLOAD CASE STUDY

    Among the esteemed solutions highlighted in the report is the intranet implementation by Workai for Żabka, the largest convenience store chain in Central and Eastern Europe. This recognition by NN/g further solidifies Workai’s position as an expert provider of exceptional intranet solutions while positioning Żabka as an industry pioneer in leveraging innovative technology to revolutionize the employee experience.

    Workai’s intranet implementation at Żabka has not only raised the bar for intranet excellence but also serves as a guiding inspiration for businesses worldwide. This prestigious accolade underscores Workai’s remarkable expertise and success in transforming intranet solutions into exceptional employee experiences.

    Workai selected as 2023 World's Best Intranet Implementation by Nielsen Norman Group

    Delivering customer-level experience for employees

    To maintain its relevance as an employer and drive employee engagement, Żabka sought to provide an effective and exciting communication platform and digital workplace solution for its employees. Workai’s intranet implementation rose to the challenge by offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly connects employees across various work locations, be it in offices, remote settings, stores, or logistics centers throughout the country.

    Żabka prioritizes convenience and freeing up time not only for our customers but also inside the organization. We wanted to provide our employees, collaborators, and ultimately franchisees with the most modern and intuitive communication tool available on the market. What mattered to us was its ease of use and compatibility with our existing systems. In addition to the flexibility of the tool and the ability to adapt it to our constantly changing needs, we were also interested in its aesthetic side, and therefore in possible graphical solutions, as well as the availability of solutions facilitating the work of administrators and content creators.  
    The Intranet provided by Workai, i.e. Twoja Żabka, is very popular among employees, and they quickly accepted it as the company’s main communication platform. In this year’s internal communication survey, they ranked it the highest among all channels of communication tools in terms of usefulness. A high rating by the employees who use Twoja Żabka every day is very important for us, and the Intranet Design Annual 2023 award confirms that this tool has also won recognition from industry experts 

    – says Wojtek Mrugalski, Internal Communication Manager at Żabka Polska

    Workai’s intranet implementation for Żabka met diverse needs, serving as a centralized hub. It facilitated top-down communication, empowered employees with a knowledgebase, integrated forms and surveys for process improvement, enabled an internal social network for collaboration, and provided a mobile app for frontline and remote workers. Real-time analytics collected valuable user engagement data across multiple channels. This cohesive solution replaced fragmented systems, advancing Żabka’s employee experience and establishing a strong foundation for future growth.

    The 3rd recognition from Nielsen Norman Group is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional intranet solutions that transform the employee experience. Żabka’s multifaceted needs presented a significant challenge, but our platform successfully addressed them, providing a centralized hub for seamless communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. We are proud to have played a role in propelling Żabka’s employee experience forward and setting new standards for intranet excellence. 

    – says Łukasz Skłodowski, CEO at Workai.

    Żabka Polska’s digital workplace is comprehensive, coherent, and powerful. Its fully responsive intranet can be launched within MS Teams, making it accessible from any device or entry point. A native mobile app provides employees with relevant information and tasks, allowing them to stay productive on the go.

    – the NN/g report states.

    About Nielsen Norman Group

    Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) is an evidence-based user experience research, training, and consulting firm that advises companies on how to improve the bottom line through human-centered design of products and services. NN/g principals Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, and Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini are world-renowned user experience experts who were advocating human-centered design and usability long before it became popular to do so. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, NN/g evaluates interfaces of all kinds and guides the critical design decisions that make websites, applications, intranets, and other enterprise apps and products, achieve their full potential for businesses and their users.

    Their annual Intranet Design Awards recognize organizations that excel in creating innovative and user-friendly intranet solutions. The awards are highly regarded in the industry and highlight exceptional achievements in intranet design and implementation.

    About Żabka

    Żabka Polska Sp. z o.o. owns the fastest-growing chain of convenience stores in Poland and one of the most dynamic formats in the world, opening over 4000 new stores in the years 2016-21. About 15.5 million consumers live within 500 meters of the nearest Żabka store. As part of its responsibility strategy, Żabka has made commitments to good nutrition, services to facilitate a sustainable life, the development of entrepreneurship, diversity and an inclusive organizational culture, corporate governance, decarbonization, and a circular economy. More information about Żabka Polska: Link to the 2022 Responsibility Report:

    About Workai

    Workai is one, multichannel Employee Experience Platform (EXP) that helps companies that want to improve internal communication, and knowledge management and increase the level of employee engagement, conduct personalized and engaging communication, and measure its effects by providing ready-to-go tools as a service.

    Alongside its intranet feature, the Workai platform includes a comprehensive knowledge base, an internal social network, a mobile app for frontline workers, and powerful analysis tools.

    Workai distinguishes itself through its exceptional level of user experience, personalization, and customization. It is utilized by both local and global companies spanning diverse industries, including finance, telecommunications, retail, and logistics. Workai does not require technical knowledge or a lengthy implementation process.

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