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Delivering Productive Digital Experiences for Employees

Workai is one unified communication platform that helps you conduct personalized internal comms, improve employee engagement, and measure all interactions – with no IT skills needed.

Remote, hybrid, or onsite – great digital employee experience happens in Workai.

More than 100 fast-growing enterprises and small businesses trust Workai

One Employee Experience Platform – 7 flexible products

Workai Intranet

Employee-centered internal communication

Share personalized news, organize in-company events, publish videos, and send responsive newsletters. Find anything using AI-powered search and measure engagement with real-time analytics.

All of this using a drag-and-drop CMS editor with over 200 layout blocks and 60 content-types, without any IT skills needed. Deliver unified digital workspace experience for your employees.

CMS News AI search Analytics Organization structure

Workai Connections

Powerful social engagement

Drive and monitor employee engagement with the help of the internal social network. Allow people to share their opinions and build communities, within public or private groups. Build team engagement with social intranet software.

Motivate and recognise co-workers with gamification, leaderboards and contests.

Newsfeed Communities Profiles Gamification Directory

Workai Knowledge

Effective knowledge management

Build rich and elastic Knowledge bases using drag-and-drop CMS editor. Publish documents with complex metadata and auto-versioning while capturing people’s knowledge as they get work done.

Get personalized search results with AI-powered algorithms and measure reach-out with real-time analytics.

Knowledge bases Documents Experts AI search FAQs

Workai Mobile

Mobile access from anywhere

A comprehensive employee experience app to connect all your frontline, remote and onsite workforce.

Gain mobile access to your internal social media platform, oversee tasks, handle contacts, and stay updated on notifications.

Newsfeed Tasks Communities Contacts Mobile access

Workai Forms

Collecting meaningful data to improve workflows

Easily create forms and surveys to capture the information for any use-case. Turn insights into actions with advanced reports and connect users’ input with external systems.

Forms Surveys Data analysys External systems connection Data collection

Workai Spaces

Supporting hybrid work, meetings and bookings

Enhance hybrid work dynamics, facilitate company meeting organization, and resource bookings.

Allow employees to specify their work mode (office or home), preview team activities, reserve resources, schedule meetings, manage guest visits, and integrate with access control systems.

Desk booking Work schedule Hybrid work schedule Bookings management Hybrid work management

Workai Learning

E-learning solution transforming employee development

Promote a culture of employee development in your organization.

Encourage employee growth by providing access to courses, learning paths, and development programs enhanced with gamification. Monitor progress, analyze results, and report positive growth with Workai Learning.

Employee development Gamification Learning paths Progress tracking Employee education

Making your workplace work for you

A complete, intelligent Employee Experience Platform, allowing you to empower your team, get more done, and work better together.

It’s ready in minutes

Workai is a ready-to-go solution. The configuration is quick and easy and doesn’t require any technical skills. Sign up using your Microsoft or Office 365 account, connect your organization, and start working right away!

Based on years of experience

All the best practices from our hundreds of digital workplace projects and awarded UX-design to give you the best, most complete digital workplace solution possible.

No IT-skills needed

Create rich, engaging, well-designed, and mobile-ready content with easy and fun to use drag-and-drop CMS editor. No technical or design skills are required!


Improve internal communication, engagement, knowledge management, and office workflows with tools adapted to the highest service, safety, and compliance standards.

Prepared for the future

Workai gives access to a constantly developed and updated ecosystem of solutions. It can be easily customized to an organization’s expectations and adjusted to its changing needs.

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Loved by 500,000+ happy employees

Intuitive design, set of available features, quick deployment and adoption – that’s what companies around the world love most in Workai.

Loved by employees

The Intranet provided by Workai, i.e. Twoja Żabka, is very popular among employees, and they quickly accepted it as the company’s main communication platform.

In this year’s international communication survey, they ranked it the highest among all channels of communication tools in terms of usefulness.

Wojtek Mrugalski
Wojtek Mrugalski
Internal Communication Manager

Improving sales

Workai came just at the right time. After testing and using it for a smaller project, we reorganized a part of our internal communication by using this tool.

The product was perfect to put our outdated intranet in a fresh and new design. On top of that, old content creation processes were renewed and improved.

To round it off, we added custom features to the existing spectrum to fulfil our needs.

Christian Seiser
Christian Seiser
Digital Media Manager

Revolutionizing communication

The implementation of our new intranet has revolutionized our information distribution, enabling us to precisely tailor content to specific user groups. Its intuitive interface ensures seamless navigation for both our Internal Communication Team and all users, fostering a culture of proactive information sharing among our employees.

Seweryn Nowicki
Seweryn Nowicki
Internal communications specialist

Intranet analytics

Intranet Workai has truly streamlined the communication department’s operations. It gives us a precise insight into the flow of internal information, allowing us to track who reads what, what employees are searching for, and what proves most useful to our team.

Also the Newsletter feature has been especially beneficial, offering both remarkable speed and incredible utility

Katarzyna Gaweł-Brudkiewicz
Katarzyna Gaweł-Brudkiewicz
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Connecting the workforce

It is a modern and easy-to-use tool for internal communication. We especially appreciate the unique in this type of solutions ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content.

Cooperation went perfectly – consultants have executed the process of intranet deployment very efficiently, demonstrating flexibility and openness to customer needs.

Krzysztof Kiełmiński
Krzysztof Kiełmiński
Director of Communication Office

Empowering customer service

Communication with employees and between employees is key for us. Communication tools influence atmosphere, comfort, but also the effectiveness of work.

And this can translate into customer service. More efficient information flow means better working atmosphere and a higher quality of service.

So it means more satisfied employees and customers.

Magdalena Suchanek
Magdalena Suchanek
Managing Director

Future-ready, fast and secure

We’ve put years of experience, newest trends and all the best practices to provide you the most complete Digital Employee Experience Platform that supports your organization today, and its growth visions for tomorrow.

  • Built on top of the newest Microsoft technology stack
  • Multi-layered security, world’s strictest privacy standards and exceptional computing power provided by Azure
  • Seamless integration with Office 365 and SharePoint Online, whether you have an Office 365 license for your entire workforce or not

Start working more efficiently today

Sign up with Azure AD or Office 365 account, connect your organization and start engaging the workforce while saving your time.

  • Get fully-featured and worry-free solution as a service
  • No extra deployment costs
  • Pay as you grow

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Workai Intranet

  • Fully-featured intranet
  • Configuration wizard
  • Office 365 integration
  • Azure AD authentication (SSO)
  • Azure hosting
  • Updates and new features added monthly
  • Custom branding
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Free for 30 days, no credit card required.


(+1000 employees)

  • All features
  • Volume discount pricing
  • Optional dedicated Azure hosting
  • Optional custom features and integrations
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Service-Level Agreement
  • Premium support

Workai is simple to use and easy to onboard:

  • Do I need Workai licenses for all employees?

    Each employee who has access to workai needs a valid license – people who create and publish content, but also anyone who consumes it.

    You can always re-assign licenses if someone leaves your company or add new licenses in case your team grows.

  • Are there any additional setup or configuration costs?

    There are no extra costs. It’s simple – you get the access to a fully-featured Digital Employee Experience Platform as a service within your own, separated and secured instance.

  • Do I need Office 365 subscription to use Workai?

    Despite out-the-box integration with SharePoint, Workai has no underlying reliance on either SharePoint or Office 365. It offers the full experience without the unnecessary additional cost of Office 365 licenses , meaning you can communicate and engage with every employee. However, with Office 365 integration, you will be able to benefit from more features.

    You can also use O365 licenses for only this part of your workforce, which needs more document-focused and collaboration features (e.g., office workers), but then allow for secure access to your platform for the rest of the organization.

    The minimum requirement to use Workai is Azure AD account, which you can get for free here.

  • Do I need Azure subscription to use Workai?

    You don’t need your own Azure subscription to use Workai. This is one of the SaaS solutions’ main benefits – we take care of the infrastructure, backups, security, and updates.

  • Will Workai affect my SharePoint?

    With Workai, your SharePoint stays untouched – it won’t change your layout, masterpages, templates, or sites.

    There are no JavaScript or CSS injections, nor custom site templates – Workai is hosted on Azure and, if you choose, is connected to your Office 365 and SharePoint. You can think about Workai as your next Office 365 service – just like Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive.

    This means that even if your SharePoint goes down, or there’s a Microsoft update which changes layouts or removes some features – your Workai will remain safe and working as before.

  • What happens when my free 30-day trial expires?

    To continue using Workai after the free 30-day trial period ends, you need to purchase licenses.

    Don’t worry – we will let you know when the time comes, and we won’t delete your data for the next 30 days, so you can go back, buy licenses and start using it again.

  • Which languages are supported?

    You can currently use Workai in Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovak, Serbian, and Romanian. We plan to add more languages soon!

Have more questions? Feel free to ask us anything!

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