Learn how the new bank intranet streamlines information flow and knowledge sharing in one of the most strategic financial institutions in Poland – BGK.

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Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), a key player in the Polish development banking sector, has embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its internal communication strategy with a bank intranet from Workai.

With operations spanning 16 regions and a workforce of nearly 3,000 professionals, BGK grapples with effectively coordinating its extensive network. In recognition of this challenge, BGK has joined forces with Workai, an industry leader in innovative intranet solutions, to optimize its internal communication channels and streamline operational workflows.

We successfully implement the Workai platform in financial institutions, both domestically and internationally. In addition to BGK, our clients are PKO Bank Polski, Velo Bank (formerly Getin Noble Bank), and the German DVAG. Regulated entities choose Workai, among other reasons, for its ability to tailor infrastructure to stringent security standards. The high quality of our solution is confirmed by the implemented information security management system certified by the ISO 27001.

Łukasz SkłodowskiŁukasz SkłodowskiCEO, and co-founder of Workai
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Challenge: Branch communication and analytics

Before integrating Workai’s transformative solution, BGK faced notable challenges in internal communication. Customizing messages to suit the individual needs and preferences of each employee proved to be a complex endeavor, hampering the efficient distribution of essential information across the organization.

This lack of tailored communication led to misunderstandings and inefficiencies in conveying important updates and announcements. Additionally, the absence of comprehensive analytics posed difficulties in communication and low inefficiency. Without access to detailed data and insights, BGK struggled to assess the impact of their communication efforts and lacked clear metrics to refine and optimize communication initiatives.

Solution: Bank intranet platform from Workai

BGK’s pursuit of an effective communication solution led them to implement a state-of-the-art bank intranet, customized for financial institutions – the Workai platform. Workai’s intuitive interface and robust analytics aligned perfectly with BGK’s objectives, providing a seamless combination of user-friendly features and analytical insights.

The platform’s quick integration facilitated a smooth transition, providing the bank with a versatile tool tailored precisely to BGK’s communication requirements. With the Workai platform, BGK now benefits from an easy-to-use drag-and-drop content management system (CMS) with ready-made blocks and numerous templates. Editors can create personalized and engaging content directly on the intranet, send newsletters, sign up for training, and share graphic, audio, and video materials.

We chose Workai because of its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and robust statistical capabilities. Additionally, its capacity to personalize content for specific user groups was crucial to our decision-making process.

Seweryn NowickiSeweryn NowickiInternal communications specialist, BGK

Additionally, the new intranet streamlines the onboarding process for new employees, provides updates on new products or changes and integrates banking events and training into the shared calendar of the organization. Furthermore, the system supports two-way communication, allowing users to react to posted content and providing real-time statistics and analyses for the Internal Communication Team to monitor goal achievement and conduct effective campaigns.

Result: A new era of collaboration and engagement

The integration of Workai’s bank intranet marked a pivotal moment in BGK’s internal communication strategy. With streamlined processes and personalized content delivery, BGK now effectively engages its workforce, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The user-friendly interface of the intranet has democratized content creation, making it accessible to all employees and promoting teamwork and information exchange.

The implementation of our new intranet has revolutionized our information distribution, enabling us to precisely tailor content to specific user groups. Its intuitive interface ensures seamless navigation for both our Internal Communication Team and all users, fostering a culture of proactive information sharing among our employees.

Seweryn NowickiSeweryn NowickiInternal communications specialist, BGK

Furthermore, the integration of the newsletter within the intranet has amplified communication channels, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort. This has resulted in a notable increase in employee engagement at BGK, facilitating greater information sharing and collaboration across the organization.

In summary, the adoption of Workai’s bank intranet has empowered BGK to overcome communication barriers and cultivate a more connected and informed workforce. As BGK continues its journey towards innovation and excellence, Workai remains a reliable partner in achieving its communication objectives, driving organizational growth and success.

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