Company intranet in RASP – improving communication efficiency with the Workai platform

How the RASP company intranet significantly enhanced internal communication efficiency, facilitating faster and more consistent information flow among employees.

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Operating in a dynamically evolving media industry and relying on digital technologies, RASP faces challenges in internal communication effectiveness, striving to provide employees with the best digital workplace experiences.

Ringier Axel Springer Polska (RASP), stands as a leading publisher of media and digital technologies. With a workforce of 3,000 individuals, including 1,800 based in Poland, the company spearheads the delivery of innovative digital and informational services. Its diverse portfolio comprises over 20 prestigious titles, including Onet, Business Insider, Newsweek, and Forbes.

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Challenge: Consistent, organized, and effective internal communication across all RASP companies and departments

Before the implementation of the intranet at Ringier Axel Springer, there were three separate platforms, each designed for different employee groups: journalists, sales representatives, and technical staff. This setup caused communication to be fragmented and made sharing information more difficult. Additionally, measuring the effectiveness of communication efforts proved challenging due to the lack of analytical tools for evaluation.

Furthermore, with a heavy reliance on emails as the primary mode of internal communication, numerous pieces of information were overlooked, resulting in irregular deliveries and challenges in accessing essential content. Recognizing the need for a new, user-friendly solution, it became clear that providing all RASP employees with a seamless, secure, and efficient internal communication platform, both locally and internationally, was imperative.

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Solution: Adoption of a ready-made solution – the Workai platform

To address the needs of RASP, the Workai platform emerged as a ready-to-use solution for internal communication, offering a comprehensive suite of tools. It includes features like an intranet, internal social network, mobile app, forms, and a knowledge base. What sets Workai apart is its flexibility, seamlessly adjusting to changing demands. This enables quick customization of functionalities to meet the company’s evolving needs and requirements with ease.

At Workai, we prioritize seamless organizational onboarding, providing support even for unconventional deployments. Our partnership with RASP exemplifies this approach, as our specialists actively participate in the implementation process, assisting with the migration of information from existing intranets. This collaborative effort has effectively lightened the workload for RASP’s internal communication team.

Grzegorz CiwoniukGrzegorz CiwoniukCTO and co-founder of Workai

The introduction of the new tool led to the seamless transition from scattered intranets to a unified platform, significantly enhancing the efficiency of the communication department. The RASP company intranet now serves as the go-to destination where employees can access all essential information and tools for productive work. Additionally, the newsletter feature has simplified and improved the distribution of information within the company, further enhancing communication effectiveness.

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The RASP company intranet now features analytical capabilities, enabling the monitoring of user activity and assessing communication effectiveness by analyzing data on their behaviors, searches, and interactions with content. This allows us to track the information that resonates most with employees, facilitating the fine-tuning of our communication strategy to better meet their needs. It’s another stride towards even more efficient and audience-centric communication within the RASP company.

Intranet Workai has truly streamlined the communication department’s operations. It gives us a precise insight into the flow of internal information, allowing us to track who reads what, what employees are searching for, and what proves most useful to our team. The newsletter feature has been especially beneficial, offering both remarkable speed and incredible utility

Katarzyna Gaweł-BrudkiewiczKatarzyna Gaweł-BrudkiewiczHead of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at Ringier Axel Springer Polska

Result: Improved communication thanks to the Workai platform favored by employees

The introduction of the Workai platform at RASP has not only greatly improved internal communication and boosted the efficiency of the communication department but has also brought a host of additional benefits and conveniences. With this unified tool, employees now enjoy easy access to all necessary information and tools, resulting in increased productivity and valuable time savings.

Furthermore, the newsletter feature has facilitated seamless and efficient information dissemination within the company, promoting smoother communication flow and operational effectiveness. The integrated analytics have proven instrumental in tracking user engagement and shaping communication strategies to suit their needs, resulting in more targeted information delivery. Consequently, internal communication has become more cohesive, efficient, and user-centric, fostering an overall enhancement in company operations.

The RASP company intranet is a go-to destination for everyone, whether they’re looking for information or tools for work. It serves as a central hub where absolutely everything can be found. Connecting with the right people is also effortless. I simply can’t imagine navigating internal communication without the Workai intranet.

Katarzyna Gaweł-BrudkiewiczKatarzyna Gaweł-BrudkiewiczHead of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) at Ringier Axel Springer Polska
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