Workai wins Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2023! 🏆


AI in Internal Communications and the World’s Best Intranet – Recap of Workai’s 2023 Achievements

Streamlining communication in every language

To enhance Workai, we focus on making communication even more seamless. To achieve this, we introduced new features, addressing clients’ needs with branches in different countries or employees speaking various languages. This innovative function allows the publication of identical content in multiple languages simultaneously. Advanced personalization further refines access to specific information, down to the paragraph level, facilitating easier access to crucial messages for employees. 

Our goal is to develop tools that seamlessly enhance communication in both small businesses and international corporations. The inclusion of recent features, such as multilingualism, addresses diverse client needs, ensuring efficient global communication.

– Grzegorz Ciwoniuk, CTO, and co-founder of Workai

Superior content with artificial intelligence 

In the era of dynamic AI development, Workai incorporated artificial intelligence into its platform. The AI function not only enhances the content of articles but also aids in creating more precise communications. This innovation makes content more appealing and engages employees, meeting their expectations and encouraging active reading. The introduction of AI features is just a taste of what we have in store for users in 2024 regarding the application of artificial intelligence in internal communication

2023 has been a transformative year for Workai. With the introduction of AI-based features, we’re not only facilitating internal communication but also setting new technology standards. We are ready for new challenges and breakthroughs in 2024, such as full integration with AI and the implementation of two entirely new modules for the Workai platform.

 – Łukasz Skłodowski, CEO, and co-founder of Workai

AI in internal communications – iComms 2023 

This year, we partnered once again with the 5th edition of the iComms conference. This unique event combines knowledge, valuable practice, and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships in the world of internal communications. During the conference, we conducted workshops showcasing how artificial intelligence supports the planning and creation of internal communication campaigns. We discussed how AI assists in creating plans, generating schedules, transforming text content into audio and video formats, and efficiently publishing these campaigns on intranets. For those unable to attend the workshop but interested in AI in internal communication, we’ve prepared a webinar – available here.

Workai builds the internal communicators community 

In 2023, we wholeheartedly supported the initiative “Breakfasts with Internal Communication” – a series of meetings (both in-person and online) where communicators had the opportunity to meet, share experiences, discuss the latest industry trends, and draw inspiration for further work and creative campaign planning. Given that internal communication primarily focuses on activities within companies, there is a lack of access to practices from other enterprises beyond their walls. Therefore, building a community where the exchange of experiences, ideas, and inspiring concepts is possible becomes essential. 

And the Oscar for Best Intranet Design goes to… Workai! 

The year 2023 didn’t pass without accolades. We are particularly proud of the prestigious award from Nielsen Norman Group, received jointly with Żabka Polska for the “Outstanding Design and Excellent UX” of the Workai platform. The implementation of Workai for Żabka Polska was chosen by Nielsen Norman Group as one of the top 10 intranets globally. This recognition places us among other organizations such as some Fortune 500 companies, Banner Health, Estee Lauder Companies, IBM, and many more. Claiming the award for the third time (previously recognized in 2021 for DVAG implementation and in 2018 for PKP Energetyka) serves as a resounding validation that our commitment to excellence is unmatched globally. Read more about our success in our dedicated case study.

International expansion – Workai goes Español 

In 2023, we expanded our global footprint, making a notable entry into the Spanish market. The Workai platform seamlessly debuted among Spanish-speaking users, serving as a versatile tool for businesses with operations in Spanish-speaking countries—the second most spoken native language worldwide. 

Annually, we broaden the reach of our platform, strategically debuting in emerging markets. In 2022, our focus was on the French market, and in 2023, we successfully entered the Spanish market. Spanish, being the second most widely spoken language globally, signifies additional opportunities for expansion. Therefore, we remain open to collaborate with both new partners and clients in these dynamic markets.

Łukasz Skłodowski, CEO, and co-founder of Workai

Safety first – ISO 27001 Certification

In 2023, we also achieved ISO 27001 certification. In business applications, security is a crucial concern. By meeting rigorous, enterprise-ready requirements, all Workai clients can rely on a secure and reliable platform along with established processes and procedures – a confirmation validated by the obtained certification. 

This past year proved to be incredibly fascinating and intense, both in terms of our platform’s development and our commitment to building the internal communicators’ community. Looking ahead, we are confident that the upcoming year will bring even more enriching interactions within the community, along with continued advancements in our feature-rich platform. Anticipate full integration with AI and the introduction of two new modules in the first quarter of the upcoming year. Additionally, we are set to expand Workai into new markets.

Stay tuned for exciting updates awaiting us in 2024!

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