iComms Conference 2023

The iComms Conference 2023, Poland’s largest event for internal communicators, will take place in November. The event brings together leading Polish IC practitioners.

Brain Embassy, Warsaw
November 23 – 24, 2023

Book your tickets here

Book your tickets here

Are you curious about the latest trends in internal communications? Looking for inspiration and advice from experts? Take part in the iComms Conference, which will be held on November 23 and 24 in Warsaw. The event will be conducted in Polish.

The iComms Conference is an annual event dedicated to the topic of internal communication in companies. This year’s edition is the fifth in a row, and its purpose is to provide participants with the latest information from the world of internal communications, familiarize them with trends and tools, and present effective solutions using real-life case studies as examples.  The conference focuses on the practical aspects of communication so that participants can implement concrete ideas in their organizations.

What can you learn at the iComms Conference 2023?

  • What are the new challenges in internal communication,
  • How to effectively use modern internal communication tools,
  • How to encourage employees to get involved in communication and their work.

During the conference, Workai CEO –  Łukasz Sklodowski and Workai CTO – Grzegorz Ciwoniuk will conduct a workshop on the role of AI in internal communications.

The iComms conference is a great opportunity for managers and internal communications leaders to expand their knowledge, learn new skills, and expand their networks. To learn more about the event, visit the page: Konferencja iComms_ spotkanie praktyków komunikacji wewnętrznej |

And if you’re already looking forward to the workshop, here’s a preview of what it is going to be about:

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