Intranet platform made for communicators

Workai is a comprehensible intranet platform that helps you conduct more personalized internal comms, engage employees, get feedback, and track all interactions – remote, hybrid, or onsite, with no IT skills needed.

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Build a connected and engaged workplace

Workai is one unified communication intranet platform that gives you powerful and employee-centered tools to connect and engage your workforce wherever they are.

Intranet platform

Employee-centered internal communication

Workai is made for communicators – you don’t have to worry about IT or design knowledge.

Easily create rich, beautiful, responsive and always consistent pages – drag and drop any of 200+ ready-made content elements using our simple and fun-to-use visual block builder.

Intranet platform

Powerful social engagement

Workai helps you improve engagement with everyone in your organization through social networking.

Give every person a secure and moderated way to share updates, files, videos, links, praise with kudoses, or ask questions and provide feedback. Allow all employees – from the head office to the frontline, to engage with others via interactive posts and reactions.

Intranet platform

Effective knowledge management

Workai helps you improve searchability and findability of your in-company intelligence through knowledge centers.

Easily build structured knowledge bases of any kind – products, procedures, policies and many more – using intuitive user experience that makes it easy to find, edit, and manage your collection of contextual knowledge and data.

The fastest time-to-value with easy set up and onboarding

Workai brings the value to your organization from the very first day – without a lengthy implementation process and with no IT skills required, so you can start improving your employee experience immediately

Internal comms leaders Workai

See how Workai helps organizations of all sizes and industries communicate better, empower employees, measure the impact, and act faster in their diverse work environments

Loved by employees

The Intranet provided by Workai, i.e. Twoja Żabka, is very popular among employees, and they quickly accepted it as the company’s main communication platform.

In this year’s international communication survey, they ranked it the highest among all channels of communication tools in terms of usefulness.

Wojtek Mrugalski
Wojtek Mrugalski
Internal Communication Manager

Improving sales

Workai came just at the right time. After testing and using it for a smaller project, we reorganized a part of our internal communication by using this tool.

The product was perfect to put our outdated intranet in a fresh and new design. On top of that, old content creation processes were renewed and improved.

To round it off, we added custom features to the existing spectrum to fulfil our needs.

Christian Seiser
Christian Seiser
Digital Media Manager

Revolutionizing communication

The implementation of our new intranet has revolutionized our information distribution, enabling us to precisely tailor content to specific user groups. Its intuitive interface ensures seamless navigation for both our Internal Communication Team and all users, fostering a culture of proactive information sharing among our employees.

Seweryn Nowicki
Seweryn Nowicki
Internal communications specialist

Intranet analytics

Intranet Workai has truly streamlined the communication department’s operations. It gives us a precise insight into the flow of internal information, allowing us to track who reads what, what employees are searching for, and what proves most useful to our team.

Also the Newsletter feature has been especially beneficial, offering both remarkable speed and incredible utility

Katarzyna Gaweł-Brudkiewicz
Katarzyna Gaweł-Brudkiewicz
Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Connecting the workforce

It is a modern and easy-to-use tool for internal communication. We especially appreciate the unique in this type of solutions ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content.

Cooperation went perfectly – consultants have executed the process of intranet deployment very efficiently, demonstrating flexibility and openness to customer needs.

Krzysztof Kiełmiński
Krzysztof Kiełmiński
Director of Communication Office

Empowering customer service

Communication with employees and between employees is key for us. Communication tools influence atmosphere, comfort, but also the effectiveness of work.

And this can translate into customer service. More efficient information flow means better working atmosphere and a higher quality of service.

So it means more satisfied employees and customers.

Magdalena Suchanek
Magdalena Suchanek
Managing Director

Remote, hybrid, or onsite – great digital employee experience happens in Workai

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