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Premiere of the Report: Digital Employee Experience 2024

Workai announces the release of its latest report: Transforming the Workplace: Employee Experience Platforms – 3rd edition. The comprehensive report delves into the evolving landscape of work and highlights the key trends shaping the intersection of technology and the employee experience.

The report furnishes insights into the following:

  • How do EXPs utilize AI for personalized experiences, task automation, and intelligent insights for employees?
  • How do EXPs support collaboration and employee well-being in the hybrid work model?
  • How is the EXP ecosystem expanding to cater to specific industries?
  • How are data analytics within EXPs evolving for data-driven decision-making?

…and many more.

The first edition was collaboratively developed with PwC. The current, third edition of the report provides cutting-edge insights in digital employee experience. It has been updated to incorporate the latest trends that have emerged in the dynamic work environment over recent months.

Key themes:

Employee Experience:

The report emphasizes the significant impact of employee experience as a strategic but often undervalued tool in the arsenal of organizations. It delves into the untapped potential that lies in crafting enriching experiences for employees and how it contributes to overall organizational success.

Digital Transformation:

As industries undergo rapid digital transformation, the report explores how employee experiences are central to this paradigm shift. From leveraging digital tools to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, organizations are presented with a roadmap to navigate the challenges and opportunities brought about by the digital era.

Digital Workplace & Employee Experience Platforms:

The report traces the evolution from traditional digital workplaces to the forefront of Employee Experience Platforms (EXP). It outlines the role of AI and automation, emphasizing their transformative impact on personalizing experiences, automating tasks, and fostering intelligent insights. The report also accentuates the paradigm shift towards the hybrid work model, exploring how EXPs seamlessly facilitate collaboration for both on-site and remote employees. Additionally, it offers valuable insights into the future by providing predictions for the upcoming months, anticipating the trajectory of developments in the ever-evolving landscape of employee experience and workplace technologies.

Main objectives and recipients:

The report, tailored for decision-makers, HR professionals, and business leaders, serves as a valuable resource for organizations aiming to harness the full potential of employee experiences in the digital age. By understanding and implementing the insights provided, businesses can create adaptive, engaging, and productive environments for their workforce. This comprehensive resource provides actionable insights to empower organizations in navigating the complex landscape of the modern workplace.

This marks the third edition of the report, a collaborative effort with experts from one of the world’s largest consulting firms. Similar to our previous editions, our goal remains to solidify knowledge about the new category of solutions – EXP. We believe that prioritizing employee experience through DEX will bring lasting benefits, fostering an engaged, loyal, and satisfied workforce, thereby contributing to organizational success and a positive workplace culture.

syays Łukasz Skłodowski, CEO, and co-founder of Workai

About Workai:

Workai is a unified, multichannel Employee Experience Platform (EXP) designed to assist companies in improving internal communication, knowledge management, and employee engagement. The platform offers ready-to-go tools as a service, ensuring a seamless experience without the need for technical expertise.

Alongside its intranet feature, Workai includes a comprehensive knowledge base, an internal social network, a mobile app for frontline workers, and powerful analysis tools. Its exceptional user experience, personalization, and customization features make it a preferred choice for companies globally, ranging from finance and telecommunications to retail and logistics.

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