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personalized internal communication

6 benefits of personalized internal communications  

With the help of modern technology, internal communications can seem simpler than ever. At the same time, employees feel overwhelmed by information noise and multiple channels, making breaking through with key information difficult. With the help of organizations comes personalization, which, thanks to EX platforms, can become an important part of the communication strategy.    

What is personalized internal communication? 

Personalization has been gaining traction for years, with studies confirming its link to better financial performance in companies that use it with their customers. Due to the need to improve the quality of communication with employees in large and medium-sized organizations with complex, hybrid structures, it is increasingly being applied to internal communication. Thanks to the use of modern IT tools, personalization based on data about the preferences and needs of employees, takes the form of, among other things: 

✔ targeting messages to a selected group of employees, 

✔ using communication channels that the recipients prefer,  

✔ creating engaging messages and communications, 

✔ customizing dashboards according to recipients’ preferences, 

✔ the ability to tag important messages, 

✔ tailoring communications to the needs of audience groups based on segmentation.  

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6 benefits of conducting personalized internal communication 

An effective flow of information at every level of the organization ensures the smooth operation of the company and the achievement of strategic goals. Personalized internal communication affects many key processes: 

1. Improving employee engagement  

Employee engagement is affected by the entire organizational culture, and every element of it is important in this process. Gallup points out that the right leadership plays a key role, but personalized internal communication makes it easier for managers to do this by building a bond with employees and supporting all management processes.  

2. Improving the digital experience  

Using modern technological tools has become a daily occurrence for most employees. The level of satisfaction with such a digital journey through the organization affects the quality of their work, satisfaction and, once again, engagement. It is therefore important that employees receive exactly the information they need and that is required for their jobs. 

3. Faster customer service  

The ability to personalize the messages sent to employees makes it possible to move more quickly through the maze of internal information – prioritizing those that bring real value to the employee on the job and skipping those that are irrelevant (from a role perspective). In business reality, this translates into more efficient performance of duties, including faster and more effective customer service.   

4. Higher communication efficiency  

Personalization of internal communication is based on data that is collected with the help of communication tools. E.g. Workai makes it possible to analyze engagement in real time or check the popularity of particular channels and forms of communication. As a result, internal communication gains in quality, because it is precisely tailored to the needs of the audience.  

5. Higher employee productivity 

Optimizing the amount of information and limiting it to that which brings real value to the employee avoids information noise, which translates into better focus on achieving goals.

6. Higher employee retention

The serious problem of employee retention in an organization is prompting employers to take even better care of the employee experience in every field. Quick access to proven knowledge and employee-sensitive communication implemented with the help of modern technology create an attractive organizational culture that can attract and retain talent in the organization.  

Workai – helping to drive personalized internal communication  

Workai’s internal communication platform is designed to provide employees with the best possible digital experience. Personalization plays an important role in this process: it allows messages to be sent to selected audiences, such as by location, job level or interests. Users also see a homepage, automatically created based on their needs, confident that they will find the information they need. In turn, the employer can measure the effectiveness of its personalization efforts to create even more attractive and effective internal communications. 

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