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4 knowledge-sharing tools you need to have on your EX platform 

According to Deloitte, as many as 55 percent cite knowledge silos as a barrier to effective organizational knowledge management. This shows us how important it is to create appropriate knowledge bases. Your employee experience platform can help you overcome this barrier, provided it offers you the right tools. What knowledge-sharing tools should your platform include? Find out in our article! 

What is knowledge-sharing? 

Before we get into the technical aspects, let’s clarify what knowledge-sharing is. Wikipedia gives us a clear definition: knowledge-sharing is an activity through which people exchange knowledge. Knowledge sharing is part of the knowledge management processes. Modern companies use the right tools for these processes, allowing knowledge sharing, facilitating it, and building positive digital experiences. What’s important is that you can own them on your employee experience platform! 

Which knowledge-sharing tools do you need to have on your employee experience platform? 

1. Intranet 

The basic communication tool for your company should be the intranet. This internal network allows you to conduct effective communication of important information. If you decide on a personalized tool, it will allow you to reach your employee with important information even faster. This will be the employee’s main point of orientation to what’s new. From here they will learn about new events, announcements, and procedures. Here they will be able to create a database of links that are most important to them, read thematic articles that they can subscribe to, and here they will finally receive notifications of events that are important to them. Choose an interactive tool that allows for open dialogue. 

2. Knowledge base 

To minimize the risk of knowledge dispersion and having multiple documents in multiple versions in multiple locations, opt for a knowledge management tool. With it, you will create thematic knowledge bases, and organize documentation. The tool will make sure that everyone always has access to the latest version with the possibility to consult previous versions. It is also a place where employees can freely ask questions and consult lists of answers.

One common knowledge-sharing tool facilitates cooperation and unifies the level of access to information. Take advantage of the tool that will allow you to publish multimedia documents. Videos, podcasts, and graphics are better ways to communicate information in an attractive way. Allow employees to always leave feedback and comments. You will more easily control whether what is in the knowledge base meets their needs or whether there’s a need for intervention. 

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3. Internal social media 

Can social media be good knowledge-sharing tools? Of course, they can! Try to make sure your employees have internal social media with features like those in standard, well-known platforms. It is an excellent medium for direct exchange of information among employees. What’s more, it’s a very quick way to engage other employees in discussion and communication. With social media features, employees can create open and public project groups. This creates an ideal place for them to exchange information without disturbing other employees. Employees are informed of all important information via notifications. 

4. Mobile app 

Not every employee has their own desk and computer, but nevertheless, everyone has the right and needs the same access to knowledge. How to provide it? With the help of a mobile employee app! A mobile employee app will allow you to quickly verify information in the knowledge base, on the intranet, or on social media, even while working with a client or on the front line. What’s more, important information can be signaled with push notifications so that nothing will get past the employee. 

Workai – best knowledge-sharing tools 

Workai is an employee experience platform that provides you with constant access to various knowledge-sharing tools that serve your employees. With advanced features, algorithms, and a search engine using AI, it helps employees quickly find the information they need for their jobs, communicate with experts and colleagues, and collaborate. Make an appointment with us for a demo and see for yourself how Workai can improve knowledge management in your company. 

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