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Employee experience app affects customer experience

How does an employee experience app affect the customer experience?  

Research has shown the correlation between Employee Experience and Customer Experience for years, but only the last few years have shown on a larger scale that shaping an employee-focused organizational culture has a real impact on business. Huge support in this process is the employee experience app. How does it work? 

Employee Experience vs Customer Experience – a non-coincidental relationship 

The relationship between the quality of Employee Experience and Customer Experience is like a snowball: positive Employee Experience drives greater employee engagement, which in turn leads to better customer service and shapes the Customer Experience. At the end of this road is a better bottom line – studies show up to 50% increases.

What path does a company have to take to achieve this effect, and what role can the employee experience app play in it?

Experts say there are at least a few areas that a company should work on in order for employee experience to effectively support Customer Experience. These are primarily: building trust in the organization, recognition, development opportunities, two-way internal communication, and supportive technology. Most of these processes can be supported by the employee experience app. 

How does an employee experience app affect the customer experience?  

The biggest advantage of the employee experience app integrated with the employee experience platform and internal applications (e.g. SAP), is that the content posted in it reaches all employees in the organization. Frontline and back office employees in a unified employee app get a set of features that support and build their engagement on a daily basis which translates into better customer service. How? 

#1 Better access to knowledge 

Frontline employees can quickly search for information needed in the customer service process. Back-office employees get quick access to knowledge that supports their colleagues in other departments. In both cases, this builds mutual trust, because in any situation employees have access to updated and reliable data (offers, procedures, contact information). This has a positive effect on the atmosphere and relations between employees, and these affect the speed and quality of customer service. A fast and reliable AI-powered search engine is responsible for this.  

#2 Notifications  

This is an additional safeguard so that employees do not miss anything important, both in internal communication and customer service (such as changes in offers). Employees, using the tagging function, also receive up-to-date information on topics of interest to them.  

#3 Tasks 

Without good workflow, even the best customer service processes fail. Regardless of job position, the employee experience app allows you to create lists of tasks, prioritize them and make annotations, and integration with other apps makes it easy to manage all tasks from your phone.   

#4 Two-way communication  

Excellent customer service can exist in companies that support their employees and hear their needs. It’s usually the frontline employees who know best what customers expect and what they lack to respond to those expectations. An employee experience app helps you quickly build bottom-up communication with an instant messenger, and the ability to create quick surveys or leave comments under articles and posts.  

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Workai Mobile – the best choice

If you are looking for an employee experience app that will provide your employees with an excellent digital employee experience to facilitate professional customer service, the Workai Mobile employee experience app may be the right choice. The full range of features supports the organization’s knowledge flow processes, allows you to manage daily tasks, facilitates the achievement of goals, and two-way communication. All of these elements, crucial to building employee engagement, are at your fingertips. 

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