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5 must-have features of best knowledge management software

Knowledge is power! However, to use this power in your organization, you must manage it efficiently. With the right tools, it can be super-easy and fun. So, what kind of knowledge management software should you choose to make your job smoother? Which features would your employees love? In this article, we describe 5 crucial features of efficient knowledge management software and their role in creating a knowledge-sharing culture and boosting employee experience. 

What is knowledge management software?  

Long story short, knowledge management software allows you to organize the processes of knowledge management within your organization, from collecting to sharing it among your employees. Not only is it used to store the data, but also to create a place for employee collaboration.  

What features should efficient knowledge management software have? 

To fulfill its role well, a knowledge management system should contain certain functions allowing the employees easy and unproblematic access to corporate knowledge. What are the 5 must-have features of the best knowledge management software? 

1. Easy CMS 

As an admin, you need a tool that allows you to add graphic elements. Maybe create a podcast or create infographics? To do so, you need an advanced drag-and-drop content management system offering hundreds of content types options. 

2. Advanced search engine 

Looking for the right information shouldn’t take hours! Especially when an employee works with a customer. What’s the solution? Find knowledge management software with an advanced search engine powered by AI. Choose the one that offers you marketing-like experiences with optimization and promotion options. 

3. Knowledge areas 

Knowledge should be systematized and arranged into knowledge areas to prevent informational chaos. Build thematic pages and divide your knowledge assets by topics where your employees can find all relevant information, leave feedback and ask questions. 

4. Autoversioning 

Did it happen to you that you lost something you spent long hours creating? Or has someone made irreversible changes to your documents? This situation never happens if you have the option of auto-versioning. The option is crucial when your employees often collaborate using one document. You can always go back and restore lost changes or undo them. 

5. FAQ lists 

Collect the questions of your employees and create FAQ lists. Very often, the employees’ questions are the same or similar, so why not create a list on your knowledge platform? This option also facilitates access to knowledge for new people on board. Gather internal experts’ answers to frequently asked questions so no one misses important information. 

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