Transforming the Workplace:
Employee Experience Platforms

The Report is a comprehensive guide to Workplace Transformation in terms of the Digital Employee Experience. Packed with actionable insights and strategies to enhance your organization’s productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall success.

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The third edition of the report, building on the initial collaboration with PwC, gives a thorough overview of the ever-changing global workforce.
It’s been carefully updated with new insights from the past few months, capturing the impactful changes that have shaped the evolution of the digital employee experience.


  • Understand the future of work in the evolving landscape shaped by the pandemic and technology.
  • Enhance Digital Employee Experiences with tools and strategies for comfort and effectiveness.
  • Invest wisely in Employee Experience for tangible benefits.
  • Unlock workforce potential through a well-crafted Digital Employee Experience.
  • Foster an innovation culture with DEX, driving fresh ideas and solutions for growth.
  • Gain a competitive edge by attracting top talents, retaining key staff, and staying industry-forward with DEX.
  • Enhance remote work capabilities for efficient and engaging remote work.
  • Streamline HR processes with DEX, making tasks more efficient and allowing focus on strategic initiatives.


As humans advance and progress, so does the technology they use to create results and improve on the progress that has already been made.

Ben Whitter
Ben Whitter
Founder & Chief Experience Officer, HEX Organization

We are going to move away from the one entry point model, which is currently often an intranet. Employees require tools that work consistently on multiple devices.

Sam Marshall
Sam Marshall
Director, ClearBox Consulting

Nowadays, companies provide their staff with numerous digital tools and applications. The problem lies not in the shortage of technology, but in complexity and variety of different tools, which don’t work well together.

James Robertson
James Robertson
Founder & MD, Step Two

Each organization has employees who have different habits and prefer different ways of communication. It is worth paying attention to the use of the word generation, because it is not just about the difference in age, but about the way of thinking.

Roksana Gowin
Roksana Gowin
Communications & Change Management Leader, PwC Poland

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