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Workai for MS365 – 5 benefits of implementing our easy intranet solution 

Your company is running on editors provided by Microsoft 365 and you’re wondering if you need to abandon them and your existing ways of storing documents by implementing a new intranet. Keep calm, Workai for MS365 was created just for you. See why you should implement our easy intranet solution that integrates with ease with MS365. 

Why is Workai the best easy intranet solution for you? 

As Workai is an easy intranet solution built on Azure Cloud provided by Microsoft, it perfectly integrates with all components of the former Office 365 pack. Workai helps you get even more out of your Microsoft 365 investment and leverage your existing resources for structured and interactive internal communications. It means that you don’t need to give up your SharePoint intranet! On the contrary, Workai will help you use it even better. 

What are the benefits of implementing our easy intranet solution?  

What exactly do you get by implementing Workai for MS 365? Discover 5 benefits! 

1. An employee experience platform that is ready to use 

Workai is an intranet that you can use immediately after its implementation, which takes seconds! You don’t need hours of training to use it both as an administrator and as a user. No technical knowledge is required to supplement the intranet with new pages and content. You use an intuitive drag-and-drop CMS with dozens of many different types of content and layouts. Don’t worry, Workai is designed in such a way that your content is always consistent with your branding and responsive on any device. 

2. The intranet with MS365 integration

With Workai’s integration with MS365, you have everything at your fingertips. You don’t have to log out or leave your intranet to work on corporate documents. You have everything organized and in one place. What’s more, Workai allows you to collaborate freely and in real-time on corporate files, share resources from SharePoint, or chat on Microsoft Teams. Organize events that will instantly update your employees’ Outlook calendars. 

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3. Interactive internal comms solutions 

Workai products are employee-centered. That’s why we want to provide employees with the personalized messages they really need. We are assisted in this by artificial intelligence algorithms. What’s more, employees can subscribe to content categories of their choice, get notifications of new publications, and comment, share, and respond to them using emojis. 

4. Personalized newsletters 

Our easy intranet solution supports the work of your internal comms managers also in sending newsletters. No one likes to get unnecessary emails that clog up the inbox, so you can send our newsletters to relevant employees or selected groups based on their positions or projects. Create compelling, attention-grabbing multimedia content and plan your mailing for the future. 

5. Real-time analytics 

The analytics module helps you to better plan further actions. Observe the behavior of your users, which communication channels they choose, and whether the information is reaching them. Analyze the hot and cold spots of your intranet to plan content even better. 

Workai for MS365- an easy intranet solution 

Workai for MS365 is a highly secure and easy intranet solution that streamlines your internal comms and keeps all your employees always connected. Integration with Microsoft makes it possible to make better use of these resources and thus increase ROI. Learn about other benefits of Workai implementation and see what we can prepare for you – schedule a demo! 

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