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Employees using a mobile intranet app.

Mobile intranet app – 4 main reasons why you should have it in your organization 

According to The Guardian statistics, most people check their phones even 58 times a day! This gives us a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes and half of this time is spent at work. Via mobile apps, people can now handle banking matters, do the shopping, write emails, process photos, edit videos, and use social media. So why not make it easier for them to access the intranet using a mobile intranet app, especially since employees reach for their phones so often? 

What is a mobile intranet app?

A mobile intranet app gives all employees access to their intranet or digital workplace from a mobile tool such as a tablet or smartphone. The goal of the application is to ensure the intranet connection to the whole company, no matter where and when employees work. According to Google statistics, even 80% of the global workplace are non-desk or physical workers. This naturally creates the need to look for solutions to connect and communicate with these types of employees. 

An employee operating a forklift in a warehouse.

Why should your organization offer a mobile intranet app?

With the development of technology, cloud solutions, and SaaS software, the intranet has become a business network that can be accessed from outside the office. It means that the intranet has become virtual so you do not need to log into the internal network available only from the computers at work.

This situation favors the development of mobile applications that give all employees flexible access to their company’s intranet. Among them are also manual and deskless employees.  

We live in an era where a flexible approach to the workplace and working time is extremely important for employees. Employees like the freedom and convenience of choosing their work style. They are people like everyone else – they like to reach for the phone frequently. For many of them, it has become a daily habit – so naturally, it’s much easier to reach such people by communicating with them through mobile solutions. A mobile intranet app guarantees faster access to information and becomes the only point of access when you don’t happen to have a computer with you.  A mobile intranet app allows you to: 

1️⃣. Provide your employees with more flexibility to choose how they work. Sometimes they simply prefer to check the messages via mobile, rather than using a laptop. They tend to always have a smartphone with them and find it easier to move around with it. They can use their smartphones in public places or take them to meetings which is more convenient than walking everywhere with a laptop. 

2️⃣. Check the intranet anywhere – on the go to work, on a business trip. It’s a great convenience especially in case of emergencies when we need to check something quickly.  Employees can also use the intranet’s multimedia resources through the app, such as listening to podcasts while jogging or watching training videos while commuting by bus. 

A woman using a mobile intranet app.

3️⃣. Save time – employees do not have to rush to the office in exceptional situations just to check something. They have access to everything via their mobile intranet app – documents, and emails. This is important, especially for employees who visit clients. 

4️⃣. Meet the needs of non-desk workers. After all, they too can have quick access to the company’s intranet, internal communications, or knowledge base. You not only improve their working conditions but also their well-being because you don’t exclude them from communication. 

A mobile intranet app is a must if you want to deliver a positive experience to your employees and provide unfettered connectivity to company resources. It will also increase the efficiency of your internal network, giving you more options for accessing it safely and conveniently. 

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