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Managing frontline employees – the role of the mobile app

One of the most important challenges companies face is managing frontline employees. Front-line employees are those directly involved in customer service or performing operational activities. Often these people do not have a stand-alone computer workstation hence mobile applications come to the rescue. What role can an employee app play in managing frontline employees?

What are the main challenges in managing frontline employees?

managing frontline employees

Frontline employees, such as customer support representatives, service technicians, restaurant workers, and delivery drivers, play an important role in the organization. According to the research, there are around 2.7 billion frontline workers around the globe. Managing them presents unique challenges:

  • Coordination and planning

Employees should be assigned to specific tasks to avoid chaos, missed deadlines, and unpleasant customer experiences.

  • Communication

Without effective and engaging communication, it is difficult to expect employees to be aware of changes in tasks, procedures, or current events in the company.

  • Task management

Multiple tasks require proper management and insight into progress. It is necessary to monitor them to ensure efficiency.

The role of the mobile application in managing frontline employees

The answer to the challenges of managing frontline employees turns out to be a mobile employee app, and this is thanks to its unique functionalities. Here’s how a mobile app can improve the management of frontline employees.

  • Planning and task assignment

The mobile app assists managers in properly assigning tasks and planning their execution. With the help of the application, the manager can assign tasks to a particular employee and control the progress of their execution. In addition, employees can view their assigned tasks, prioritize them, and receive notifications of new assignments or changes.

  • Communication

Thanks to access to the intranet or internal social network, employees are kept informed about company events or important information on projects in which they participate. They can freely discuss on forums, share feedback and keep in touch with colleagues.

  • Knowledge base

With the help of the application, the employee can have the opportunity to consult documents in the knowledge base, as well as follow changes in procedures, familiarize himself with new offers, and thus serve customers more efficiently.

  • Training and development

The employee app is also a great tool for delivering training materials. Employees can participate in online training courses, sign up for events that interest them, and expand their knowledge by reading and tagging interesting articles or subscribing to topics of interest.

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Managing frontline employees is an extremely important factor in the success of a company. Employee applications can facilitate the tasks associated with it. They support effective planning, communication, task management, and access to knowledge of frontline employees. They make customer service smoother and more efficient.

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