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How can you benefit from a mobile intranet?

How can you benefit from a mobile intranet? 

Employees increasingly value a flexible approach to where and how they work. Some positions even make it impossible to have a desk in the office. As reports say, the global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion workers by 2022. Taking these issues into consideration, it is crucial to provide employees with access to a mobile intranet. 

Mobile intranet – what are the main benefits?

Whether the launch of a mobile intranet is driven by necessity or by a desire to improve connectivity with employees, the decision to launch a mobile intranet app will bring many benefits to your organization. 

1️⃣ You can keep your workforce always connected

All your employees, including deskless, remote, and frontline ones have equal access to intranet resources, applications, or knowledge base. No one feels excluded and you gain a quick channel of communication with each of them. This is important because currently, most employees are on the go – according to statistics, 80% of employees don’t sit at a desk. Having a mobile intranet allows them to have contact with their employer, and coworkers and get information or support whenever they need it.  

Employees on a construction site can be easily informed via a mobile intranet.

2️⃣ People use mobile devices

Employees are often users of mobile devices, which they sometimes prefer to use more than a computer. They should also have the flexibility to choose a work tool as well. There are situations in which it is not convenient or safe to use a laptop, for example on a business trip or at the client’s site. In such cases, the employee should be able to use a smaller device that is more convenient for them. A mobile intranet can reach them on their terms, so they are more flexible but still connected.  

3️⃣ Rapid flow of information

People use their smartphones more often than laptops and they very often check their apps’ statuses – it’s like a habit. You should take advantage of this fact and adjust your communications to the employees’ preferences. You should direct your communication through the channels that will be most effective and provide the greatest reach. Mobile intranet is also more reliable, you can be more sure that important information will reach the employee on time, especially if they will receive an audible notification. 

4️⃣ Employees can use their own mobile devices

A mobile intranet in the form of an application ensures data security. Widespread access to mobile technology means that every employee has mobile equipment whether in the form of a phone or a tablet. So you can let them use them without any restraints. On the one hand, it will be convenient for them, because why should they have an extra phone, and on the other hand it’s a huge saving for you. It also has an environmental dimension. 

A man using the mobile intranet.

5️⃣ Fast access to content creation

The mobile intranet can be used not only by deskless workers but also by employees in the office, including internal communicators. The phone gives quick access to such resources as a camera, multimedia content creation apps, or social media like TikTok, where they can also create interesting content. From the phone, they can immediately upload the created content to the mobile intranet, which saves a lot of time and makes communication even faster. 

The development of technology and the new approach to employee experiences as a central concern of the organization should go hand in hand with digital transformation. Therefore, the implementation of a mobile intranet seems to be a necessity and a huge opportunity to improve the quality of work, engagement, and productivity, which translate into the increased competitiveness of your organization and a higher talent retention rate. 

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