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How to create attractive internal comms for your employees? 

Let’s face the truth – being an internal comms manager is not easy. Every day you have to fight for your audience’s attention. And that can prove to be quite a challenge. Especially since we live in a time of frequent smartphone addiction and being inundated with content from all sides. How can you show your company content to your employees and gain their attention? Here’s our short guide! 

Attractive internal comms– what does it mean? 

Internal content can be considered attractive when it is perceived by employees as valuable, worth reading, and engaging. The internal comms content should motivate employees to take specific actions, educates them, and promotes company values. Attractive internal content makes the employee feel part of the organization, important and appreciated. How to achieve such an effect? Here are 5 steps that will support you in this challenge! 

How to create attractive internal comms?

1. Know your audience well! 

To reach your audience, you must know their interests, needs, and preferences well. It’s essential that you create your persona – a typical consumer of your content – before you move on to creating an internal comms strategy. Pay attention to the age, positions, and the tools your employees use. To offer them interesting content, you must find out what they want to read. The great idea is to create a survey to gather information on topics and channels that interest your employees. 

2. Use different channels 

Ensure multichannel dispatch of content. Of course, you need the right tools for this, but each of your employees, remote desktop or front-line, should have equal access to content in different formats. Some are fans of weekly newsletters, others prefer to watch a video, others to read an article, and others to listen to it in a podcast form. Others absorb knowledge more easily when they see infographics. See? You need to be flexible with your employees’ preferences while monitoring the reach of each channel. 

3. Personalize the content

The content must be aimed directly at the employee to prove attractive to them. So, make sure that your communications are not chaotic, and that each employee receives only the content that they need, can be interested in, and will find useful. Personalize the content of your newsletters and intranet publications.

4. Make sure it’s interactive

To engage your employees, give them the opportunity to interact with your content. Give them the space to leave comments, react to publications, and enter discussions. Try engaging employees in such discussions by creating internal social media for them! 

5. Create a community

When creating internal content, keep in mind the overarching goal of creating a community within your company. So, use content created by your employees, highlight their attitudes, reward engagement, and encourage discussion. 

Create attractive internal comms with Workai 

Workai is an internal comms platform with which you can create compelling internal content. It offers you personalization and multimedia publishing features, and the easy CMS allows you to apply dozens of content types. With Pexels and Canva integrations, you can prepare interesting graphics and add photos even faster. Your creativity is the only limit! 

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