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cloud-based intranet

7 top reasons why you should choose a cloud-based intranet for your enterprise

Nowadays, companies are increasingly noticing a strong need for efficient internal communication. Quick and easy contact between employees makes their work smoother and the results achieved by the company are much better. For this reason, organizations look for methods to maximize employee productivity. One of the best ways to do this is to use dedicated tools and apps. Their functioning can be supported by an on-premise intranet or a cloud-based intranet. More and more companies are choosing the latter option. Statistics generated by McKinsey & Company show that cloud-based solutions will soon conquer six areas of the public sector (among them health or environmental protection) and are of great importance in terms of the future of business. Why? There is a huge number of reasons why it is worth using but we have selected seven that are the most significant – read them and choose what is best for your company. 

cloud-based intranet

1. Full and flexible infrastructure

One of the most attractive advantages of using cloud-based solutions is that this option provides a full and flexible infrastructure. The company can be sure that by investing in this kind of technology, the employees will not have to worry about the proper functioning of the intranet and the devices or applications supported by the cloud. For instance, the cloud-based intranet ensures the company that updates are made automatically, with as little human intervention as possible, and with a backup copy. It enables a secure, uninterrupted flow of information. This process can be a bit riskier and more problematic in the case of an on-premise intranet. This is because its functioning requires a lot of work from the IT department. The previously mentioned updates can be disruptive if done during the day, and even the slightest mistake can cause unrepairable problems. 

2. Ongoing service

The cloud-based intranet has a huge advantage over the on-premise option in that it provides ongoing service. Thanks to this solution, the company is guaranteed that each action is supervised and the entire system functions properly. Cloud-based intranet aims to relentlessly deliver new improvements and facilities through the latest technologies and innovations that it leverages. 

3. Ready to go in minutes

Time is very often the factor that has the greatest impact on the choice of a given option. The cloud-based solution can be implemented almost immediately. Setting up an on-premise intranet requires a lot of preparation and arrangements, which takes a lot of time. The hardware, upgrades, or any other element needed before the on-premise intranet implementation cannot be omitted or forgotten. For this reason, the IT department needs to spend a lot of time on intranet configurations, tests, and deployment. What is more, depending on the chosen solution, the company will also need to think about customization and design. Therefore, before the on-premise intranet is launched, the process of its preparation will take a long time. 

4. Scalability

Another great advantage of a cloud-based solution is scalability. This means that the environment in which the system is built has been designed to be scalable. It is related to high availability and fault tolerance. This ensures the best possible system productivity at all times, especially when you need it most. 

a cloud-based intranet

5. Security

A cloud-based intranet is a guarantee of security. The providers of this solution deliver security and compliance measures to the system. What is more, the company gets access to data analysis. Thanks to this, possible threats can be detected very quickly. 

6. Lower costs

The on-premise intranet is undoubtedly a much more expensive option. All these preparations that need to be made before this solution is fully implemented, not only take a lot of time but also require a lot of money. In the case of a cloud-based intranet, it is completely different. A system based on this solution does not require the involvement of a large number of people or components. For this reason, its implementation costs much less. It is also a much cheaper option in the long run because maintenance is not as problematic and does not consume as much money as in the case of an on-premise intranet. 

7. Accessibility 24/7

a cloud-based intranet

Different kinds of restrictions such as for instance intranet bandwidth can be a big problem when it comes to accessibility matters. The on-premise intranet is a very clumsy option for many companies in this respect. Nowadays employees focus on convenience and prefer to work remotely. It gives them the opportunity to be wherever they want and perform their duties at the same time. A cloud-based intranet is a much more attractive option in this situation. Cloud applications are readily available as they are built to be accessible anytime and anywhere. 

Workai as a cloud-based intranet platform

The enormity of advantages offered by a cloud-based solution is available at your fingertips and is possible through its implementation. Your company may get it thanks to Workai. It is an award-winning cloud-based intranet platform that supports internal communication processes and increases employee productivity. It enables fast, trouble-free, and extremely effective use of applications through a cloud-based solution. Internal communication and employee cooperation have never been so smooth! 

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