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How the financial intranet provided by Workai increases employee engagement, creates an open self-education culture and improves customer service.

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Getin Noble Bank is one of the Polish universal banks. With nearly 320 own branches and franchise outlets, it serves private clients, high net worth individuals, companies, and local governments. The Bank regularly occupies leading positions in the most significant rankings assessing the quality of service: Złoty Bankier [eng. Golden Banker], Przyjazny Bank Newsweek [eng. Newsweek Friendly Bank], Institution of the Year. 

Getin Noble Bank decided to implement the financial intranet from Workai to increase employee engagement, create an open self-education culture, facilitate and shorten the access to internal knowledge


The main challenge was to ensure consistent internal communication within the dispersed structure of the Bank. Previously, the company used many different solutions to manage internal communication and knowledge. That is why the Bank was looking for an effective tool and a way to combine the existing tools into one common platform for all employees. The intranet software should enable them to retrieve information immediately, reach the appropriate knowledge, stay in touch with other coworkers and fulfill the daily tasks effectively. 

Preexisting solutions required quite a long process to create content and to divide it between different recipients. In many cases, the same activities had to be repeated multiple times. 

Getin Noble Bank has set clear goals for the new intranet platform: 

  • creation of a coherent information hub for all employees and associates employed throughout the country
  • providing a single place that will be a source of knowledge about sales and customer service for employees
  • establishing an internal community forum
  • streamlining the content management process without the need for technical skills
  • building custom forms and surveys
  • measuring the level of internal campaigns’ content engagement with real-time analysis

Cooperation with Workai focused on: 

  • improving employee experience related to access to knowledge and necessary inside information 
  • building an open culture of employees’ self-education
  • providing faster and effective access to materials and documents while serving a customer


The project started with an inter-departmental analysis of the most critical needs and challenges in the area of internal communication, knowledge management, and employee engagement. The Bank organized internal workshops during which stakeholders from various departments were involved in building the information architecture and setting the needs and goals for the new portal. They assembled a design team and selected more than 150 editors who are currently creating content in their respective fields of responsibility. 

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The company could have skipped the lengthy design and implementation process as the Workai platform delivered almost all features. This approach allowed administrators and editors to start working on configuration and content from day one – without waiting many months for the platform’s development. Getin Noble Bank decided to make the tool available before it achieved its final appearance. Thanks to this, employees can still express their opinions, propose changes, and have an impact on the final shape of the platform. 

All the Bank’s employees were involved in choosing the platform’s name so that everyone could feel that it was their everyday tool. As part of the promotional campaign, Getin Noble Bank prepared unique screen savers, placed campaign slogans in office corridors, and prepared gadgets promoting the new DEX platform: webcam covers, stickers, badges, and phone screen cleaners


Bank employees, including franchise outlets, can now use the new, integrated, personalized, and interactive internal platform to stay up to date with the latest information on the company’s strategy, financial products, and marketing campaigns. 

The internal community and development forum makes all teams feel integrated and well connected, even when working from home. Employees can build their communities, collaborate, share ideas, praise coworkers, and participate in HR-organized training.

Marta ChmielewskaMarta ChmielewskaInternal Communications Leader, Getin Noble Bank

Besides the standard intranet functions, such as news, events, internal recruitments, search engine, organizational structure, and a list of people, the Bank uses the following services: 

  • drag-and-drop CMS for publishing rich, engaging, and consistent content without the need for IT or graphic design skills.
  • personalization with permissions and tags to target internal communication to the right audience
  • newsletter for scheduling and sending messages tailored to selected segments directly from the intranet
  • a form builder tool for collecting data using digital forms and surveys 
  • a knowledge base always providing significant knowledge in a variety of formats – FAQ pages, publications, document pages, and more 
  • internal community forum to engage and support employees, express appreciation, build the community and develop self-learning habits 
  • real-time analytics to measure content reach, engagement, and performance

The Workai deployment for Getin Noble Bank also includes many functions that increase the employees’ influence on the organization, such as idea management, project center, and feedback channels. Internal Communications managers can now efficiently run internal campaigns by creating messages, event pages, newsletters, popups, banners, etc., and then track conversion and KPIs with real-time analytics. 

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The cooperation between Workai and Getin Noble Bank covers communication, interaction with employees, surveys, and statistics that all together create a complete, closed loop. The goal of the cooperation is to increase the level of employees’ engagement with published content and enable people responsible for internal communication or HR to build the best employee experience.

Workai helps the Bank improve the digital experience, increase the level of engagement, and build a workplace culture. Teams work more effectively, which in turn has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. 

Content prepared in cooperation with Getin Noble Bank S.A.

Create a financial intranet that improves customer service

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