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Intranets have become a crucial element for every business operation, and there is no exception for the financial sector. What impact can an intranet for a bank have on the operation of a financial organization? It turns out that it can not only enhance employee productivity but also contribute to revenue growth and the growing number of satisfied bank customers. What do you need to keep in mind when designing an intranet for a bank? What features should it contain to ensure effectiveness? Use our tips! 

Intranet for a bank – 5 best design practices 

Knowing the exact needs of fintech institutions and their employees makes it easier to tailor tools to their needs. Therefore, precede the implementation of the intranet with an analysis of the expectations and needs of your workforce. However, certain issues are universal. We have identified for you the 5 most important good practices for designing an intranet for a bank. 

1. Intuitive and user-friendly interface 

An employee-friendly design is critical for any intranet, especially for a bank where employees have access to sensitive financial data. A simple and intuitive design can help employees easily navigate the intranet, reducing the likelihood of errors and increasing efficiency. A user-friendly design should include easy-to-use menus, clear navigation, and road maps. What’s more, it should be personalized and create a workspace that is unique to the employee, supporting and speeding up their work. 

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2. Integrate knowledge management tools 

Knowledge management tools are essential on any banking intranet, as they help employees consult procedures and gain information about changes in offerings and the arrival of new products. The intranet should include features such as document management, version control, and advanced search functions. With these tools, employees can securely access, edit and share data, making their work more efficient. Ideally, they should be able to ask questions of experts and leave feedback, which will help editors quickly fill in gaps in information. 

3. Make your intranet for a bank fully accessible 

Never forget the needs of front-line workers and people who often perform their tasks away from their computer desks. Therefore, make sure you have the right mobile app for bank employees. It will give your employees very quick access to knowledge from their smartphones or tablets. A good employee app will also help them find the right contact within the organization. The app will assist the employee in performing tasks, and efficient customer service outside the bank. 

4. Ensure high data security 

Bank intranets contain sensitive information, and employees are in constant contact with sensitive data, so security should be a top priority when you design an intranet for a bank. The intranet should be designed with secure authentication features, preferably multi-step authentication that restricts access to authorized personnel only. In addition, it should be equipped with the necessary firewall features to protect against cyber-attacks. Also, make sure that successive versions of documents in your knowledge bases are automatically saved, along with the ability to go back to previous versions.  

5. Analyze user sentiment 

Evaluating your intranet design is essential to ensure that it meets the needs of your employees. Don’t be afraid to test different solutions, but remember to always gather feedback on the design for each change to identify areas that may need refinement. Be open to feedback, keep track of heatmaps, and adjust changes according to employee comments. 

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Much depends on the design of your intranet, including your company’s revenue. Design an intranet for your bank so that it supports employees, contributes to better customer service, and supports employees’ access to knowledge. Take advantage of Workai‘s experience and get the best SaaS intranet for your bank.