Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2021 Winner

Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2021 Award Winner

workai’s deployment for Germany’s largest financial consultancy, DVAG, is one of the world’s 10 best intranets of 2021

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Read the exclusive and comprehensive case study about building a modern, engaging, and omnichannel intranet with instant access to personalized information and sales knowledge for 18 000+ financial consultants:

  • 📋 40 pages full of behind-the-scenes stories and quotes
  • 👩‍🏫 detailed process – from research, through implementation, to launch
  • 💻 real-life screenshots and examples
  • 👷‍♀️ features and use-cases
  • 🚀 ROI, numbers and user opinions
  • 👩‍⚕️ COVID-19 communication
  • 👩‍💻 creating employee experience platform
  • 👨‍🎓 lessons learned and best practices

Why did workai’s deployment for Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG win the Intranet Design Annual 2021 Award (TOP 10 Best Intranet Designs in the World)?

The DVAG team was looking for a technology platform that would provide the fastest time-to-value possible. A few turnkey candidates were considered during the usual internet research, but workai quickly outperformed the rest with the ease it offered in being able to immediately set up an environment, test it, and quickly assess if it would meet the needs of an organization trying to onboard nearly 3,000 new employees, fast.

Kara PerniceKara PerniceSenior Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group

Implementing the new Intranet has revolutionized our whole sales communication. Our new internal platform now provides a holistic Digital Employee Experience for all of our consultants.

Eric SchmidEric SchmidMarketing Director at DVAG

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workai is a modern and easy-to-use tool for internal communication – we especially appreciate the unique in this type of solution ease of use, which allows even less experienced users to easily create and manage content.

Krzysztof Kiełmiński
Krzysztof Kiełmiński
Director of Communication Office, PKP Energetyka

workai influences the atmosphere, comfort, but also the effectiveness of work – more efficient information flow means a better working atmosphere and a higher quality of service, so it means more satisfied employees and customers.

Magdalena Suchanek
Magdalena Suchanek
Managing Director, Eurobank

workai came just at the right time – after testing and using it for a smaller project, we reorganized a part of our internal communication by using this tool. The product was perfect to put our outdated intranet in a fresh and new design.

Christian Seiser
Christian Seiser
Digital Media Manager, Deutsche Vermögensberatung