CASE STUDY: Planning and Building Intranet for Improved Employee Experience

Read the exclusive and comprehensive behind-the-scenes of Żabka Polska’s award-winning intranet implementation: connecting 30,000+ employees through a unified and personalized communication platform across multiple channels.

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Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2023 Winner


Get insights on planning and building a successful intranet that improves Employee Experience.

Discover the award-winning intranet implementation at Żabka Polska, recognized by Nielsen Norman Group as one of the world’s best intranets.


  • ➡️ Design an employee-centered and personalized intranet
  • ➡️ Implement agile frameworks for quick intranet deployment
  • ➡️ Create effective Information Architecture for easy navigation
  • ➡️ Develop engaging intranet content strategy and management
  • ➡️ Leverage AI intranet features for enhanced experiences
  • ➡️ Execute successful promotional campaigns
  • ➡️ Track intranet success with metrics and KPIs
  • ➡️ Optimize intranet with micro-feedback tools
  • ➡️ Enable communication through multiple channels
  • ➡️ Integrate standalone tools into unified employee platform

Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2023 Winner

Workai’s intranet implementation for the leading convenience store chain in CEE, Żabka, has been recognized as one of the world’s best intranets in the highly regarded “Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2023“.

Workai’s deployment being recognized as one of the world’s best for the third time establishes it as an expert provider of exceptional intranet solutions, leveraging innovative technology to revolutionize the employee experience.

Żabka Polska’s digital workplace is comprehensive, coherent, and powerful. Its fully responsive intranet can be launched within MS Teams, making it accessible from any device or entry point.

A native mobile app provides employees with relevant information and tasks, allowing them to stay productive on the go.

Intranet Design Annual 2023 Report
Nielsen Norman Group

The Intranet provided by Workai, i.e. Twoja Żabka, is very popular among employees, and they quickly accepted it as the company’s main communication platform. In this year’s internal communication survey, they ranked it the highest among all channels of communication tools in terms of usefulness.

A high rating by the employees who use Twoja Żabka every day is very important for us, and the Intranet Design Annual 2023 award confirms that this tool has also won recognition from industry experts.

Wojtek Mrugalski

Wojtek Mrugalski
Internal Communication Manager at Żabka Polska

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