Ebook: How to measure the effectiveness of internal comms? – 10 key metrics

Discover 10 key metrics that will show you the effectiveness of your internal comms!

The world of internal communications has never appeared as important as it does today, in an era of popularization of hybrid work and building virtual teams.

As organizations strive to maintain strong relationships with their employees despite many difficulties, a solid understanding of how to measure the effectiveness of internal communications is essential. 

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This e-book provides: 

  • practical insights and best practices for measuring the success of your internal communications activities;
  • internal comms’ key performance indicators;
  • everything you should know to start an effective internal comms measurement program!

Whether you’re new to the world of internal communications or want to learn current best practices, this e-book will provide you with the essential knowledge to help you measure the internal comms and shape better employee experience.

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