REPORT: 2023 ClearBox Employee Apps

Workai was featured in the 2023 ClearBox Employee Apps Report among the best apps for frontline employees!

The ClearBox report is an independent review of 15 employee apps that takes into account the most important features, both from the perspective of the employees as well as the admins. 

Download the full report and find out which features make Workai one of the best Employee Apps available on the market! 

The report covers: 

  • The user experience of each app,
  • Internal comms features,
  • Chat, social and engagement functionalities,
  • Publisher and admin experience,  
  • Possible integrations and employee services,
  • Information finding,
  • Analytics and more! 

The report also includes plenty of screenshots to give you a better view of what the apps look like inside! 

Get your copy of the ClearBox Employee Apps Report today and see how Workai can help you in internal comms.  

What is ClearBox? 

ClearBox is an independent consulting agency based in London, UK. Through their reports, ClearBox supports workplaces in digital transformation.  

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