Microsoft One in Kraków, Poland

We were exhibiting and talking about our experiences from the implementation of the digital transformation strategy in Polish enterprises at the largest event for key Microsoft Partners.

Ice Kraków Congress Centre, Krakow, Poland
October 1-2, 2019

We sponsored #MicrosoftONE

MS ONE is the largest event for key Microsoft Partners. It’s directed to business owners, managers, sales and marketing teams of partner companies – to exchange business experiences and inspiration in a group of Polish and foreign Microsoft partners.

Łukasz Skłodowski, our CEO and Grzegorz Ciwoniuk our CTO were there for you to answer questions and share experiences from hundreds of successful IT projects for the largest enterprises in Poland and Europe.

Microsoft ONE in ICE in Krakow was the center for the exchange of knowledge and inspiration on the role of technology in the changing world. Nearly 800 representatives of the Polish IT industry talked about practical experiences from the implementation of digitalization strategies in Polish companies.

– said Wojciech Życzyński, Director at Microsoft

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