HOT.AI Conference

Join us at the HOT.AI conference to learn about the future of AI in work and communication in companies.

BPNT, Bialystok
June 12, 2023

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HOT.AI Conference

On June 12th, at the Białystok Science and Technology Park, a conference dedicated to the latest trends and innovations in the field of artificial intelligence will take place. We will delve into the topic of AI utilization in various sectors such as business, communication, and design.

Among the well-known names on stage, our CEO Łukasz Skłodowski will also be presenting, discussing the topic of AI in the future of work and communication in companies.

The conference is an excellent opportunity to learn about the trends, challenges, and possibilities that await us in the world on the verge of the AI revolution.

Participation in the conference is free, but seats are limited!

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