Business Insider TRENDS 2022

Cloud and AI/machine learning in modern workplaces. Join our experts and find out how modern-day organizations use the cloud for the digital transformation of their businesses.

June 13, 2022

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The second event of the Business Insider TRENDS cycle will cover the topics of cloud solutions and AI/machine learning. Join our experts and listen to what they have to say on cloud computing and hybrid workplaces.

The last couple of years has changed the way we work and do business. It has sped the digital transformation of many organizations that nowadays are working in a hybrid model.   

Cloud computing and AI/machine learning come to the rescue and help such companies run their operations smoothly and, in a data-driven way.  

Join Grzegorz, our CPO, and listen to what he and other experts have to say about the next-generation solutions now available in the market.   

The event will be held in Polish. 

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