PKP Energetyka

How one of the largest energy companies in Poland decided to use workai to improve internal communication, collecting knowledge and administration processes.

7 000+

PKP Energetyka needed a new intranet platform to improve internal communication and encourage engagement with its 7,000 employees, who work across the entire country of Poland. This includes staff that works in offices and also field workers and service technicians who service the 20,000 kilometers of distribution network. 

Awarded for the outstanding design and excellent user experience

workai’s deployment for PKP Energetyka has been chosen as one of the top 10 best intranets in the world by Nielsen Norman Group – read more.

Prior to the new intranet, the organization had mainly relied on email to keep employees informed, which obviously wasn’t the best tool for the job.

When looking for an intranet solution, the team decided on workai, as they found that it fit well with the company’s plans to create something quickly and encourage adoption. In a company that uses many big and complicated internal systems that require expert knowledge, the team wanted the intranet to be as easy to use and beautiful as possible, allowing all employees to use it without needing any expert knowledge.

Efficient internal communication is key element for building employee engagement, especially in company that operates in entire country. This is why we decided to choose an innovative solution.

Krzysztof KiełmińskiKrzysztof Kiełmiński Director of Communication Office, PKP Energetyka


Intranet deployed in PKP Energetyka has been awarded 2019 Best Employee Intranet by AGAPE Custom Publishing in Company Bulletin Competition.

Simplified Content Creation

The tool uses the visual Block Editor which contains ready-made elements that can be added to a page via drag and drop, allowing non-technical people to be able to create nicely designed content combinations. This editing tool is used throughout the site, allowing quick creation of content.

Improving Internal Communications

The company previously used email, print, and shared drives to disseminate information throughout the company. Two internal publications, one monthly and one quarterly, and a daily email digest have now been moved onto the intranet, allowing the company to share information reliably as well as to be able to track for the first time the readership of this content, helping them to learn about their audience.

Knowledge Management

The information has moved from shared drives to the intranet. The intranet has a wealth of knowledge-sharing tools and features, including Knowledge Articles, a crowd-sourced Ideas Bank, a discussion forum, and extensive FAQ pages about a variety of topics.

Vademecum pages are used for onboarding new employees, by taking them through information in a specific order. Even a chatbot helps users, answering questions and allowing users to fill out forms using a natural language interface.

Providing mobile access

Mobile access was also critical, as a large number of employees work outside the office. The PKP intranet looks and works great on any screen size, so users can read the news on the go, post questions during the morning commute or find any coworker wherever they are.

It’s fully responsive and thanks to content blocks, the layout fits the mobile screen perfectly and intranet content, no matter how rich, flows nicely, without any gaps or horizontal scrolls, so users can get a full intranet experience on their mobile devices, tablets, and desktops

Quick adoption and buy-in

Thanks to the fact, that PKP used a ready-to-go intranet product as a base, most of the design and UX job was done for them. Another big advantage of choosing workai was that it is already used by hundreds of thousands of other people around the world so the platform features a of best practices in terms of adoption.

The team released its new intranet to the organization with a promise that it would provide a single, centralized source of information and that alone was a big advantage for all employees.

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