Intranet design: building personalized employee experience, an award-winning case study


Get an exclusive overview of the unique process of intranet design, research, deployment, and adoption that transformed the entire sales communication at Germany’s largest financial consulting company – DVAG.

What are the key ingredients of building the world’s best intranets that receive awards for “outstanding intranet design and its excellent user experience” from Nielsen Norman Group?

This webinar is an insider’s view of 2021’s best intranet designs and the team behind them:

  • 👨‍🏫get an overview of the DVAG’s digital transformation story – from research, through agile implementation, to the successful launch
  • 📋learn how the information architecture was prepared
  • 🚀watch proven solutions and use-cases you can apply in your organization
  • 👨‍🎓learn how to build and manage omnichannel internal communication
  • 📈see the numbers and user opinions behind the DVAG’s new intranet
  • 🎯hear about lessons learned and best practices
  • 🙋‍♂️get your questions answered!

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See how DVAG launched an award-winning, engaging, and omnichannel intranet for 18 000+ financial consultants

NN/g has just announced that the intranet provided by workai for Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG) has won the prestigious Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Annual 2021 award.

This is the second time world-renowned User Experience experts recognize workai’s products and deployment as the world’s best-designed intranet – for delivering the most innovative and user-centered employee experience platform.

The DVAG team was looking for a technology platform that would provide the fastest time-to-value possible.

A few turnkey candidates were considered during the usual internet research, but workai quickly outperformed the rest with the ease it offered in being able to immediately set up an environment, test it, and quickly assess if it would meet the needs of an organization.

Kara Pernice

Kara Pernice
Senior Vice President at Nielsen Norman Group

Implementing the new Intranet has revolutionized our whole sales communication. Our new internal platform now provides a holistic Digital Employee Experience for all of our consultants.

Workai CMS shortens the time spent on content and knowledge management, allowing us to focus on executing our internal campaigns and strategies rather than struggling with technology or asking external agencies to prepare needed content for us.

Eric Schmid

Eric Schmid
Marketing Director at DVAG

For whom is this webinar?

This webinar is an exclusive look behind closed doors of the unique process and success story of delivering the best-in-class employee experience platform. Join if you:

  • work at Internal Communication, and you want to deliver personalized and engaging internal communication and to measure its results without any technical skills needed
  • work at HR, and you are seeking a way to engage employees, get feedback, and build an open culture of motivated and productive teams,
  • work at Product or Sales Department and want to build an interactive and media-powered knowledge base for the entire organization,
  • work at IT, and you are looking for a secure, enterprise-grade solution with the fastest time-to-value without a lengthy deployment process.

Meet the speakers

Around 8 million customers rely on the expertise and experience of the Deutsche Vermögensberatung Group when it comes to financing, provision, and protection. True to its guiding principle of “Thinking of Later, Earlier”, it has been offering cross-sector financial advice in more than 5,000 head offices and branch offices for over 45 years. This makes the family-owned company Germany’s largest independent financial advisor.

Eric Schmid

Eric Schmid

Director & Team Manager of the new intranet project at DVAG

Christian Seiser

Christian Seiser

Project Lead of the new Intranet at DVAG

Greg Ciwoniuk

Greg Ciwoniuk

Chief Product Officer at workai

See the process of creating world’s best intranet design

Watch proven solutions and use-cases you can apply in your organization today.