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Intranet Easter Eggs – 5 ideas for surprises that drive employee engagement

It looks like the global COVID-19 pandemic is going to influence our work style for quite some time. This is why, the internal communicators are challenged to adopt its strategy to remote mode in the long run. With employees working from home, keeping them well-informed and connected is more critical than ever. Here are some fun ideas on how to inspire employees to explore internal communication channels…not only for Easter.

Easter eggs

While the term ‘easter egg’ has been used to mean a hidden object for some time, in reference to an Easter egg hunt, it has come to be more commonly used to mean an unexpected or undocumented message, image, or feature hidden in a video game, movie, or computer software, included as a joke or a bonus. In internal communication this phenomenon can be used to drive employee engagement as people can have fun encountering them… and Easter is just an excuse.

Here are 5 ideas on what the easter eggs can be:

1. Laughing out loud

It’s no secret employees have fun while interacting on internal communicators. They exchange jokes, memes and funny comments so why not prepare a surprise for them and arrange e.g. a laughing gif to appear whenever a ‘LOL’ is typed in a conversation. Laugh is contagious in the end!

2. In the mood for holidays

Digital employee experience platform (like workai) is the heart of the information flow and provides access to other applications, e.g. the HR system for leaves. What if whenever someone clicks to enter this system, there appears a pop-up saying? “Are you going to the mountains or to the seaside?”, “Already planning holidays or just checking how many days off you have to cheer yourself up?”.


3. Found what I’m looking for

With employees switching to remote work overnight the employees lost the chance for spontaneous information exchange in the office. That’s why they need to have an efficient access to the knowledge (info on products, processes, changes etc) to be able to serve clients efficiently even from home. No wonder they look for key issues in search engine. It could be fun to play with some words and add a little twist to the search results, for example by a funny little animation of what they looked for.

4. Take a break

Usually all the employees are very busy but in order to be productive they need to disconnect from time to time. Now it’s impossible to have a little ping-pong game with colleagues from home, so a great digital fun could be for example worms game to appear on a given page in the intranet. It can also be a crosswords or any other simple game that will add a bit of fun to work daily routines.

5. Ban for those under 21

Everybody knows the forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest. We can make the intranet seem somewhat secret and for adults. When entering the newsfeed, a pop-up appears saying you need to be 21 to be able to enter. So you just need to  hit “I am under 21” when prompted on the homepage and you are welcome to enter. Obviously you need to make sure everybody in the team is actually under 21.

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To be remembered

Hidden intranet easter eggs are not easy to arrange – they require thorough planning and technical development. The hidden jokes vary in format (text, visual/audio effects, hidden pages, special features, etc.) as does how they are found. As you can see above, easter eggs can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be. Good luck, have fun and Happy Easter from workai!

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