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How workai can solve everyday IC struggles

Workai makes your work smooth and efficient. Here is an example of a day of an Internal Communications Manager. Let’s imagine her name is Sarah and she works for a big, international company. With workai she is able to manoeuvre through her tasks independently and successfully face the challenges typical in this role.

Crowdsource for innovations

The board has been looking for ways to improve and innovate customer engagement so the company decides to look for ideas among the employees. In the end, they see the customer journey from different perspectives, depending on what area they are in. Sarah was tasked to arrange a crowdsourcing session and invite the staff to submit ideas on workai platform. The action is very successful, employees entered their visions in the “bank of ideas”, designated mentors moderated discussions in proposed projects. On the workai platform, individual employees joined the project teams they liked and by doing this they declared their support. Today the sponsor (the management board) chooses a few winning ideas. And now Sarah’s role is to organize an event where winners are announced and the project participants get to know each other. So she creates an event page on workai intranet. By just pulling ready-made blocks she chooses an intriguing photo from a gallery and within minutes the invite is ready. She publishes it on the workai connections, then the invitees confirm their attendance and post enthusiastic comments. Mission complete!

Analyse and acknowledge

Now Sarah just needs to report the whole action to the department director. With workai locations she books a room for the meeting, the workai analytics module generates data on the employees engagement for her report. What is more, staff members, who are most engaged  in  crowdsourcing get points and badges on their profiles in workai.connections as an acknowledgement for their contribution to the company’s development.

Give Staff voice (on the noise)

Then she gets a desperate request from HR guys who got a complaint about the noise level in the office and were challenged to introduce complete silence time on open space but it’s all so chaotic they are not sure how to communicate that and if it is really the whole team need or just a few people’s wish. Aware that she needs to empower the people and give them a chance to speak their mind she suggests arranging a survey. Within minutes she puts together a survey in workai platform and she publishes it with perfect timing (exactly when the silence time would start) she sends the employees a chat message “Would you like all your colleagues to shut up right now?” a bit surprised staff takes votes and after a few hours the HR team has the ready answer backed up by data – they don’t really need the silence time. She was just called a superhero in HR department… just saying.

Know your target

Next, upon the board’s request she sends marketing materials about a new product only to the sales department. As most of sales employees work out of the office, they use mobile workai platform so she sends them a push notification about the new product. In this way the scattered away team gets all the information they need in an easy and efficient way. 

Find who you’re looking for

Towards the end of the day it turns out that one of the project participants from the winning crowdsourcing idea has to resign so Sarah turns to workai.connections and easily finds a person with similar competences and offers them to get involved in the project.

Choose the right moment

Last but not least, in a few simple steps Sarah puts together a newsletter on what has happened today and sets the mailing for tomorrow at 8am so that the staff can read the summary of events even on their way to the office on the mobile app.

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) made easy

workai helps deliver seamless digital employee experience and makes the coordination of all the digital interactions easy and fun. All in all, communicators need to focus on their priorities and what they are accountable for: strategy, creative ideas for execution. And the technology should be just a tool that helps achieve the goals.

Making your workplace work for you

A complete, intelligent solution, allowing you to empower your team, get more done, and work better together.