Banking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

June 25, 2020

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Łukasz Skłodowski, our CEO will take part in the webinar “Banking in the Era of Artificial Intelligence”.

Workai is part of the sector report “Artificial Intelligence in Banks“. Its official launch will take place at the webinar.  The participants of the webinar will be the first to receive an exclusive report.  The event will be held in Polish.

Innovation has become the key to building competitive advantage today. Artificial intelligence is actually no longer a new technology. Banks are increasingly using AI-based solutions, but integrating digital technology into banking is still a challenge. On the one hand, financial institutions have to meet the growing demands of the market, on the other hand, they have to create their own modern solutions, desired and accepted by customers.

How can financial sector institutions use artificial intelligence to build loyalty and improve their financial performance? We invite you to participate in a special webinar where we will try to answer this question

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